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  • Does GTA Car Kit support iPhone 5/5S or iPhone 6?

    “iPod/iPhone/iPad/AUX Wired Kit” fully supports iPhone 5, iPhone 5S and iPhone 6, iPhone 6S and iPhone 7 models. However, you would need to purchase Lightning Cable from our website or original Lightning Adapter from the official Apple store. Other 3rd-party adapters are not supported.

    “Pure Bluetooth Kit” fully supports iPhone 5/5S/6/6S/7 audio streaming via bluetooth and hands-free calling as this kit does not require any cables. In addition “Pure Bluetooth Kit” has a standard 1.5A USB charging port that is compatible with all iPhone 5/5S/6/6S/7 charging cables.

  • Does GTA Car Kit support Samsung Galaxy, Android, HTC, Blackberry, Nokia, Windows Phones?

    “iPod/iPhone/iPad/AUX Wired Kit” supports Android-based, Blackberry or Windows Phones via AUX cable only.

    “Pure Bluetooth Kit” fully supports Samsung Galaxy, Blackberry, Windows Mobile, HTC or any other bluetooth-enabled phone by allowing hands-free calling, wireless audio streaming and track switching via car stereo controls. In addition “Pure Bluetooth Kit” has a standard 1.5A USB charging port that can be used by most phone charging cables.


  • Does GTA Car Kit support iPad tablets?

    “iPod/iPhone/iPad/AUX Wired Kit” supports iPads. However, for 9-pin iPads you would need to purchase Lightning Adapter from the official Apple store. Other adapters are not supported.
    As a tablet requires as much power as the kit provides – the charging of tablets via 30-pin connector is not supported. But there will be no discharge or very slow discharge when connected to the kit, especially with turned off display.

  • GTA Car Kit - install at your own risk

    GTA Car Kits is not responsible and will not be liable for any damages caused to your vehicle during installation of the kit. All installation videos on this website and YouTube channel provided as a reference only. If you are not sure in your abilities to install the kit or worry about the damages to your car – please contact local car audio expert in your area.

  • Can I have both iPod and AUX cables attached at the same time?

    “iPod/iPhone/iPad/AUX Wired Kit” provides you with two outputs: iPod cable and 3.5 mm jack.
    Both of them can be attached at the same time but only one of them can be active. With such setup you can connect and switch various devices – for example iPad and Android phone.

  • After installing your kit my radio reception is bad

    GTA Car Kit does not interfere with radio waves. However, it is possible that during installation you accidentally disconnected radio antenna.
    When you have this problem, it is recommended to remove your stereo and check the radio antenna connection.

  • Is my built-in CD player going to operate after installing the kit?

    GTA Car Kit does not interfere with built-in CD player in any way.
    It just extends the functionality of your stereo.
    On some cars you need to press one more time on the CD button to get into iPod/AUX mode.

  • Would I need to splice any wires during installation?

    Execept the Nissan kits, GTA Car Kits has plug & play cables and installation does not require any splicing of wires. The kit plugs into the stock CD-changer or Satellite standard output of your radio.

  • What is the Playlist mode for "iPod/iPhone/iPad/AUX Wired Kit"?

    “iPod/iPhone/iPad/AUX Wired Kit” can navigate through the playlists in your iPod/iPhone using standard CD buttons.
    Most cars have 1-6 DISC butotns, while Toyotas and Hondas allow up to 99 playlists using DISK+ and DISK- buttons.
    So think about GTA Car Kit as a portable CD Changer where each of your playlists becomes a standalone CD.

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