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  • I got Bluetooth version for my honda with Navigation,it took only few minutes to install.
    Just follow videos instructions. Great unit, works as advertised. Highly recommended.

    - Paul
  • I am an avid audiobook listener who have been using my old ipod nano through a FM transmitter for years. Recently I started having problems and came across GTAcarkits while looking for a better option then the transmitter. Why didn’t find this years ago.
    the kit was super easy to install thanks to their video and in less than 30 min had it installed in my 2005 tundra. the only thing was I was not impressed with the wires just hanging down under the glove box. thankfully I had two blank switch covers under my ash trash by my center console. I popped one of the covers out and drilled two holes threw it and boom no more hanging wires.
    Crystal clear sound and I really like that I can control the ipod threw the radio controls now. this is a great product and I would highly recommend.

    - Duane Irish
  • Installed in Australian Mazda 3 2005. All works as advertised. Very simple to install. Sound is fantastic

    - Daniel
  • I just installed the GTA car kit bluetooth, and it was a snap! I am not comfortable with tearing appart my dash, but with the videos, even I felt comfortable. I think it took me about 30-40 minutes. The only thing that was a bit confusing was that you have to have your phone paired to the GTA for the CD Changer mode to kick in. It just took me a few minutes to figure this out. It is amazing to listen to music that I enjoy piped through the car’s speakers. totally work every penny!

    - Jake
  • So much easier than I expected… even after reading the reviews and getting my courage up that I could do it alone! Expections were exceeded in ease of installation and use. Thanks you!

    - Taylor G
  • This is a good company! You can trust them and their support people. I bought a Bluetooth kit for my 2005 Honda Pilot EX-L with Navigation. There were no free plugs on the back of the stereo. I emailed their support and they told me to unplug one that was there — original equipment. I doubted them, but they were right — it wasn’t doing anything. EVERYTHING works great: navigation, CD-changer, everything. Thank you GTA Car Kits and Maurizio!

    - Dan Jeffrey
  • I purchased a GTA Pure Bluetooth for my 2004 Acura MDX that had no bluetooth built in from the factory. When it arrived, I thought they had shorted my a y-splitter that was supposed to come with the kit. However, when I emailed their support, a technician responded that I should not need the y-splitter for a 2004 (video online was for a 2005 that needs the y-splitter). He told me to attempt the installation and contact them if I had any questions. I had not tried to install up to that point as I thought I was missing a component. I installed the PureBluetooth. The microphone cable was long enough to route from above my rear view mirror all the way along the roofline, down the a-frame and through the dash to the PureBluetooth product. Once I put everything in place, the unit paired perfectly with my iPhone 7 and has a great sound! Sounds nearly as good as the CD player. When a call comes in, switches to the microphone mode and works well…(close to as good as an OEM bluetooth..although you have to keep the volume down slightly so the connected party does not hear their feedback). Overall, my unit is a great product, their tech support was great, and I keep the factory head unit for a minimal cost to “integrate” with my iPhone7!

    I would recommend the product and the experience to anyone attempting to achieve quality results with an existing OEM head unit. My vehicle has the OEM head unit and a factory navigation product.

    Thank you to the GTA team for a great product and great service!

    - Jim - Atlanta, Georgia
  • Highly recommend for the S2K – GTA customer service was super responsive and very helpful. Fast shipping, easy install, sounds great.

    - Lisa
  • Perfect Car Holder

    April 18, 2017

    This is the Perfect Car Holder – ALMOST. Its very well made and engineered, hooks into dash vents securely (although only the top hooks, the bottom will pull up if you’re not careful) and holds a cell phone tightly. UNFORTUNATELY once the phone is locked in, its very difficult to release the wings that hold the phone. The releasing mechanism is on the upper back of the holder making it almost impossible to press hard enuff to release especially if your phone has a case, like most all these days.

    A simple fix: Put the releasing button on the lower left of the Holder.

    - Scott Oakley
  • Just wanted to write and express how pleased i am with this kit and also how extremely easy it was to install. Was able to do this in my pajamas in my wifes van on a saturday morning and pair not only her phone but also my phone. The use of the kit is so easy to use and the wife loves how much clearer the voice is on phone calls versus our bluetooth headsets.

    Happy wife, Happy Life.

    - Tommy
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