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  • I purchased your Bluetooth kit (order 36841) back in April for my 2008 Toyota Solara and I have been putting off installation because I figured it would be a complete aggravation.

    I don’t normally write reviews on products, it’s tedious, and I always figure the authors are biased anyway. However, the installation of this device and the InDash mount I purchased was simple, and exactly as demonstrated in your excellent videos.

    I could have accomplished the entire install in under an hour, if I didn’t constantly misplace the next piece I needed, and then spent half an hour looking for it, to find that I was sitting on it!

    I was certain that the device would not provide all the advertised functionality, but I was very pleased when it worked exactly as advertised. Now my IPhone 6S connects via bluetooth, and I am positioned to upgrade to IPhone 7.

    Simple installation of a great product. It doesn’t get any better.

    I congratulate GTA Car Kits for an excellent product with excellent instructions.

    - Richard Binder
  • I own a 2007 Toyota Avalon Limited with the JBL Synthesis sound with 12 speakers. Great system, However; without aux input or bluetooth from factory it was severely limited in entertainment options.

    After replacing the torn subwoofer with an kicker openair sub (NOT FUN) and installing this GTA car kit I can truly say the car has a premium system again. Coming from a 2011 BMW 3 series with the 420watt Harman Kardon system– the 360watt JBL synthesis is not as powerful but it gets the job done.

    With this kit the system provides clean powerful audio that is CD quality or better as they advertise and is much better than using any FM transmitter or Cassette adapter. EASY INSTALL.

    Using my Samsung Galaxy S8+ 6.2inch display with android auto and having bluetooth to set the phone on dash brings my car up to par with newer entertainment options in 2013+ Avalons. Extremely satisfied, thanks!

    - Bobby
  • Great product! Easy to install (just like the video), works perfect!

    - Corey
  • It’s been 4 months, this product is perfect. No issues, easy install. Would definitely buy this product again.

    - Patrick
  • The GTA Car Kit for my Tacoma was a breeze to put in — after — I watched the detailed YouTube guide. Of course the trick is to have the right tools. W/ the optional car panel tools, a great device and the kit I easily installed the kit into my 2008 Tacoma in nearly 30 minutes.

    Great job, GTA.


    Rob S.


    - Rob
  • I got Bluetooth version for my honda with Navigation,it took only few minutes to install.
    Just follow videos instructions. Great unit, works as advertised. Highly recommended.

    - Paul
  • I am an avid audiobook listener who have been using my old ipod nano through a FM transmitter for years. Recently I started having problems and came across GTAcarkits while looking for a better option then the transmitter. Why didn’t find this years ago.
    the kit was super easy to install thanks to their video and in less than 30 min had it installed in my 2005 tundra. the only thing was I was not impressed with the wires just hanging down under the glove box. thankfully I had two blank switch covers under my ash trash by my center console. I popped one of the covers out and drilled two holes threw it and boom no more hanging wires.
    Crystal clear sound and I really like that I can control the ipod threw the radio controls now. this is a great product and I would highly recommend.

    - Duane Irish
  • Installed in Australian Mazda 3 2005. All works as advertised. Very simple to install. Sound is fantastic

    - Daniel
  • I just installed the GTA car kit bluetooth, and it was a snap! I am not comfortable with tearing appart my dash, but with the videos, even I felt comfortable. I think it took me about 30-40 minutes. The only thing that was a bit confusing was that you have to have your phone paired to the GTA for the CD Changer mode to kick in. It just took me a few minutes to figure this out. It is amazing to listen to music that I enjoy piped through the car’s speakers. totally work every penny!

    - Jake
  • So much easier than I expected… even after reading the reviews and getting my courage up that I could do it alone! Expections were exceeded in ease of installation and use. Thanks you!

    - Taylor G
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