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  • Worked perfectly in my 2005 Toyota Sequoia. Sounds great and connects perfectly every time. I ran the wiring and box to the glove box which works fine for me. Very happy with purchase and that I can keep my OEM system, which is still a great system, intact.

    - Ivan N
  • 2004 Lexus RX 330, bought my GTA BT kit in May of 2016.

    Been very happy with the unit for a good 7 months now. Installation was pretty easy, and I’m not much of a DIY person. Just like at least one other said, I dropped the upper bolts and lost them, but the stereo is still in firmly with the lower ones. I even used a magnetic tool… still hard to do those top bolts.

    The lack of real phone integration and loss of quality of music playback (the one thing I really cared about) via an FM adapter was one thing that was making me think about getting a new car but that’s a lot of money to spend when the car is otherwise in great shape. The GTA kit has kept me satisfied as is. The music quality is great, and the few times I’ve actually used the actual phone has been good as well.

    The only (minor) negative I’ve had, at all, is that the pairing process takes about 15 seconds (from start-up to audio redirection), which is a tad slow. Every once in awhile my iPhone also has a habit of pairing but not seeing the GTA kit as a remote audio device. I can usually fix this by simply going into settings->bluetooth and tapping the GTA kit again. This seems to nudge the iPhone. Perhaps once a month I have to actually turn BT off then on again and it works. I’ve just learned to start up the car right away when I get in, so that if I do need to go into settings and make sure the pairing is working, I can do it before driving off.

    All in all, I’ve been very happy with the product.

    - Mike Marion
  • Had it bought by a friend who was travelling to India. Very easy to install in the 2008 Indian Honda Accord .
    Working flawless. Have to compromise on the USB port in the car since this takes the connection that the cars usb is connected to. The The AUX cable suppplied in the box is of very bad quality .
    The music streamed via this Bluetooth plays flawless and the quality is better than CD.
    Call quality is good. Mic performs well. Range of mic is low.
    It comes with a USB port but its only for charging.
    When you play songs via Bluetooth it dosent dispatch the songs info on the cars screen.

    - Vivek v
  • Have had this installed my 2004 mazda 3 for a few weeks now. As others said, installation was a breeze due to the numerous installation videos. I stored the module under the panel near the emergency brake.

    Like others, I am not using the aux or the usb charger.

    I had an issue pairing my phone in the beginning (samsung s5). But since then it pairs up automatically and very quickly.

    Phone quality is really good, everybody says they can hear me very clearly.

    The bluetooth quality is also very good. The quality of the music material really makes a difference.

    It works exactly as advertized. Would recommend this to anybody wanting to add bluetooth capability to their car as an alternative to replacing the head unit.

    - bob
  • Got the Pure Bluetooth kit for 2006 Odyssey Touring w Navigation/XM/DVD/CD-changer. Had to review a couple of videos to piece together all the steps (Navigation video from beginning for the headunit removal, Pure Bluetooth video from 3:59 for microphone routing). The install took about an hour (took my time to not break anything or leave anything rattling) and went well, except I still managed to damage one small clip in the paneling that should not matter. Note that in my car the panel under the steering wheel was held in place by one Phillips screw at the bottom middle.

    Sound quality of streaming audio from iPhone is great and speakerphone functionality works well. If listening Bluetooth streaming from the phone, you can answer incoming call with the steering wheel Skip+ button. When listening to another source like XM when a call comes in, you can simply hit the AUX button on the dash, this switches to Bluetooth and answers the call.

    - S L
  • My car has something prewired in white connector, so i couldn’t install this kit.

    Sent email and called support: got very good response on email as well as over phone: was told it might not be used anywhere in car as my car doesn’t have CD changer, Navigation, or XM satellite radio.
    I was asked to remove it, test radio functions including CD etc and then try putting GTA kit: I did everything went smooth as expected.

    I like the product so far, very good seamless.

    The only thing i was expecting that for 2012 it should have come with Y connector cable, just in case other owners wants to do something with that pre-wired….

    will test it over next few weeks and let everyone know how it goes.


    - Satish Kumar
  • I love this product sooo much!! The sound quality is much better than my old fm transmitter with many wires on my center console. This kit helped me to feel more comfortable in the car without the wires on the center console. Thank you for making this product, you guys are the best!!!!!! I enjoying it soooooo much

    - Mario L.
  • Very impressed with the results! The kit was very easy to install if you are even a little handy the only thing not shown in the video for the honda accord is the two screws that hold the stereo down to the frame of the dashboard. Also, the music is significantly louder than the old AUX cable which I noticed immediately, overall a great improvement at a great price.

    - Leo Sanchez
  • 2005 Toyota Camry XLE Bluetooth works flawless.

    - Hunter Smith
  • Hi,

    Just thought I would send you a quick note regarding the bluetooth car kit for my 2003 Toyota Sequoia. Delivery was efficient with the package arriving in less than a week. As I didn’t have the socket set to enable me to remove the factory stereo from the dash to install the unit, I managed to simply remove the single plug from the rear of the stereo and re plug the GTA kit. The GTA box is smaller than I thought and it was extremely simple to fit behind the dash. Simply plug the supplied cables in and all done. The most time consuming part was routing the microphone cable to where I wanted to install it, next to the rear view mirror. Turned the ignition on and away it went. Total time taken to install was about a half hour. All up an extremely simple process and a brilliant unit. Just thought I would let you know. Thanks

    - Anthony Edwards
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