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  • I’m so glad I added the GTA CarPlay to my 2012 ML 350. Now I’ll hold unto my car for several more years! GTA now includes step by step programming instructions which should be followed carefully. The video tutorial is helpful but I gave up trying to fish the USB connection through the side panel and opted to drill a hole through the HVAC housing to the cubby below where it stores nicely. I also found that placing the CarPlay unit beneath the HVAC controls gives you plenty of space to reinstall the controls. I’m mechanically inclined but this install still took about two hours.

    - Gregory Roman
  • Installed this in my wife’s GL and following the instructions it was up and running in about 30 minutes. The most difficult part was positioning the harness just right to slide the head unit back in. Once that was done it connected up with my iPhone and worked without issue. One button (the back button) to switch between the stock interface and CarPlay. Only time I really need to is when I want to list to a local radio station or turn on the seat massage. I’m now trying to figure out if I need to keep the satellite radio service. Going to get one for my car now. I did purchase the tool kit and it is well worth it. No issues removing trim and even releasing some of the connectors.

    - LSNerd
  • This kit is fantastic! It’s easy to assemble, and the instructional YouTube video is a helpful touch. The GTA kit team is incredibly supportive, providing excellent customer service. I’m very pleased with my purchase and highly recommend it.

    - Moses Lahtaw
  • Installed in 2014 911 Turbo. Entire process was easy and spot on. Placed the order on a Saturday evening and received the shipment on Tuesday or Wednesday. Popped open the above video tutorial, followed step by step and everything fired right up with one glitch that I had no audio sound. I sent off an email to at 1:24pm on a SATURDAY and literally 2 minutes later at 1:26 had a reply with a solution and video to the issue. Easy fix. Followed the new instructions and all works perfectly. Buttoned up the install and loving the new tech. I took my time, and the entire install was under 4 hours start to finish. For the price if you don’t have one grab a trim kit (I did) … makes the job easy and nice to have.

    - Randy B.
  • Just a guy trying to appease his wife. Took a chance purchasing one of these kits as it appeared to be one of the better alternatives, and would save about $1k over having it done by Cartoys or some similar outfit. Installation was pretty straight-forward. The kit worked but there was interference on the screen making it difficult to use. At this point I thought I was hosed – this ain’t Costco and I’m not sure a small business is owner is just gonna take my word for it that the product didn’t work (it’s often user error in that scenario) and then send me another at no cost to myself – these aren’t cheap. Well, they sent me a new kit. I just had to explain the situation and what I’d done to troubleshoot. I installed it and it worked perfect. Very happy with the product and impressed with the customer service. Would definitely recommend.

    - Tanner Hensley
  • I ordered this device in January of 2024. We just moved to England from the US and bought a 2014 Evoque. I loved the car but the one thing it was missing was functionality with Apple carplay. I found this and saw the video and had to try it out. It took me a total of 2 hours from start to finish with no hiccups at all and works flawlessly with the car. Customer support was also fantastic! They worked with me to ensure I could get the package shipped to England with no problems. 10/10!

    - Charlie Malone
  • Just got this installed in my 2016 discovery sport. I’ve missed carplay so much since my last vehicle, I tried a couple options and was skeptical to try any installs but this one works as if installed by factory. The wireless connection is seamless, once I open the door, carplay is already on the display. When I put it in reverse, the back up cam comes up like normal. My steering wheel options to skip to the next or previous song, or volume up or down work the same. Very happy with this upgrade! Would recommend to anyone.

    - Rob
  • I’m a total novice when it comes to installing electrical systems in my car…..but after much research I was able to follow GTA carkits – carplay – youtube instructions and install the kit in my Porsche cayenne 2013 with no issues…other than I wasn’t able to hear the MAP and Google Map audio instructions. Vitaliy came to the rescue and once again got me sorted.

    - Jeff Bell
  • This is an update to my earlier review. This issue I was having with the touch-screen not working had to do with the dip switches. For my car (2016 Jaguar F-Type) positions 1 and 3 had to be on. This resolved my issue. But more amazingly was the quick response I received on a Sunday evening. This allowed me to complete the installation. I have nothing but praise for GTA’s customer service. In this post-Covid epidemic era, where customer service has taken a nose dive, it’s nice to know that some companies are still keeping that in the forefront of their business. Hats off to GTA for doing so.

    - Richard
  • Spent a while looking for a way to add android auto /Apple carplay to my Jag.

    This is handsdown the best product for bosch systems.

    The installation instructions are great. Though I have one criticism, the included cable should be longer. As it currently stands it is barely long enough to reach the back of the rear unit and required some creative wire adjustment to get it to reach (which wasn’t in the video instruction).

    They actually put development time into creating their own kit, and it isn’t a re-skin of an existing Chinese product from what I can tell.
    Support was super helpful in getting the two issues I had to work, so make sure to reach out to them if you run into issues.

    Issues support resolved:
    – touch screen in apple carplay not working ( setting changes on physical device)
    – android auto wireless not working ( reboot + setting changes on software for device)

    overall a 5/5 product, wish the cable was longer as that was the largest pain in the but for installation DIY.

    - Alberto