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  • I took my 2011 Cayenne to GTA Carkits to have this upgrade and they did an excellent job.
    Most importantly, they respect the cat and don’t damage anything. After a clean install Vitaliy explained the system and it’s been a huge upgrade to the Porsche PCM 3.1. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED AND GREAT SUPPORT!!!

    - Marty K
  • After using this product (With Bluetooth) for about a month in my 2002 4Runner. I can easily give it a 4 out of 5. The important factors; such as connectivity and audio quality are top notch. only suggestion is the supplied aux cord hisses unless it is in a certain position.

    - Marcus S.
  • Installed seamlessly into a 2019 GLC300. Finally Apple CarPlay, wireless and full screen. No more paying for expensive MB navigation map upgrades. I was hesitant to remove the entertainment panel and move around wiring but the installation video was a great help and everything went smoothly. I was faced with reinstalling optic cables and reached out for help to GTACarkits who responded very quickly. The ability to quickly switch from CarPlay to OEM entertainment and back is an added feature.

    - Roy Crebbin
  • What an awesome find! I just installed this GTA unit in a 2016 Rover Sport Supercharged, and it took me about an hour as I followed the directions. By the time I was done, I was so excited was so excited that I dropped a couple of screws down in the back (they’re gone, and I didn’t really try to look for them). I just replaced them with similar sized screws that I had laying around. It’s easier if you use tools with heavy magnetic properties.

    - Steve
  • I’ve had the Pure Bluetooth with Aux for several years now and I love it. I have a 2005 Solara with GPS/Navigation, and I didn’t have to remove the radio. I removed the box under the radio and reached under and fiddled around until I found the CD changer jack. That was all I had to do to the radio.

    Now to use t he phone, I press CD, twice, once to get to the CD and once what it calls CD Changer, but is really GTA Carkit. It’s best to avoid removing the radio because the dash starts to crack and gets brittle , certainly by now 2023, but even years ago when I did this. I bought a round plate with a USB and an AUX jack and mounted that in the back of the box under the radio. Also put in a second cigarette lighter, this one is always on, even if the car is off, so I can charge phones and toy airplane batteries even with the car off. Also put in something with a digital car voltage display and two USB charging jacks. It was hard to get the box back in the dash with all those things sticking out, but now it’s done and doens’t have to be redone. I ran the microphone up the A-pillar and put it at the top. I’ve called my home phone machine and it gives good fidelity, even when moving, even when the top is down iirc. When the phone rings I press CD and it answers. And I listen to web radio from my phone to the car radio. Works great. Well worth the money

    - Meir Frank
  • An amazing experience when I upgraded my car system, MB Command, with a GTA car kit! It was a very easy install, it took me only about 45 mins from when I removed the first trim parts until I powered up the system.
    I have a 2015 – GL550 Mercedes-Benz, and the GTA Car kit is the only one that allows me to switch back and forth between my car system, MB Command, and the GTA Car Kit. Some accessories, e.g. massage seats require to operate them from the original car system. I rate this product 5 stars out of 5! Great product!

    - Philip Callant
  • Great product.
    Very easy to install, and a simple plug and play solution.
    Seamlessly works with the factory system and integrated perfectly.
    Very happy with the system and believe it is the best solution available.

    - Mark Grant
  • Great device, and, what is most important, perfect and clear installation guide.

    - Oleksandr
  • The unit works flawlessly! installation was fairly easy (even for someone who has never taken apart a dash). the youtube instructions were helpful. now that its installed everything is fast, and I’m able to get 24-bit / 44.1kHz (high definition) audio streaming wirelessly through carplay! I’m absolutely loving this!!

    - Alfred Edwards
  • Great product. Shipped quick, got it quick. Install is a breeze if you follow the instructions from the video. I did not and had a minor issue and these folks, without making me feel like a complete failure….let me know what I needed to do and BAM. Wife loves it….so winning all the way around! 2016 Porsche 911 Cab.

    - Kendall