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  • I am thrilled with this product. I just had it installed in my 2018 Mercedes GLC 43 AMG and it works brilliantly. Not having the Apple CarPlay and the Android Auto was an integration I was really missing. I was a bit skeptical at first after my initial purchase that it might not work as expected or in the alternative, cause damage to my existing system. However, neither of which occurred. I took my car to have the kit professionally installed and everything works perfectly. Thank you so very much GTA Car-kits for developing this aftermarket solution as I have absolutely nothing negative to say and would highly recommend this product for anyone looking for such a solution.

    - Barbara Washington
  • Ecstatic with the sound quality, straight forward install/videos and versatility of the Bluetooth + iPhone/iPod/AUX kit for my beloved 200k+ 2006 Toyota Highlander with JBL sound system. Wish I’d done this YEARS ago! My CD changer and cassette deck/AUX adapter were failing and an older FM tuner adapter was very disappointing.

    A huge “bang for the buck” that greatly exceeds the functionality of my older system while giving superb sound reproduction all modes/devices!)

    And Thank You Mauricio for promptly & personally resolving a U.S. warehouse back-order issue and expediting shipment of the kit to me in Tucson! GREAT customer service!!

    - Mark Vietti
  • Just installed in my 2017 GLC 300..wife is excited and the install went well. Just be careful during install to double check /not move the dip switches!

    - David Slade
  • Brilliant! Sound quality is great. Installation is simple. And the customer service is responsive and helpful, which is kind of rare these days. Thank you!

    - Jared Boyd
  • Works very well, make sure to instal the dummy aux in the panel.
    Installed it in a 2014 911

    - Porsche911
  • This is my second review. In the first one I said I loved the product but the only issue was that the Bluetooth didn’t work. The AUX was great but I was bummed about the BT. After about 30 minutes, the device popped up on my phone, so I take back what I said. This products is amazing and works flawlessly.

    - Gabe
  • I’ll add my praise for this product along with the rest you. It is well made and I loved the instructional video that walked me step by step every part of it. I got the Pure Bluetooth device for my 2004 Honda Accord. It works perfectly. Took me a little less than an hour. I’ve never pulled any paneling off a car before so I was nervous but it really was easy and it worked great. Nice job.

    - Josh I
  • Worked great on my 2006 Highlander. I had to unplug something that was already plugged into the slot in the back of the sterile where I need to plug the GTA car kit into, but everything is working well.

    - Chad
  • Just installed the Wireless CarPlay module for my wife’s 2019 Mercedes GLC 300. The instructional video on the GTACarKits site is awesome and made it simple for me to the installation myself. The module is unbelievable — now it’s like factory-installed CarPlay. My wife can’t believe it! The GTACarKits staff are fantastic and even responded to me on a Sunday when I had a question. Thanks Vitaliy!!

    - Leon Benson
  • I just installed my GTA car kit (pure bluetooth) into my 2002 Toyota Sequoia. Maybe 30 minutes at most. All I needed was a Phillips head screwdriver and a 10MM socket. I hid everything behind the dash, did not bother to use the USB charger or the AUX Jack…not needed in my installation. This could not have been easier. Works perfectly. What a great product!!!

    - Jim Berliner