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  • So, first of all, the product is 100% absolutely great! Takes your factory radio head to the next level without having to put an after market radio head. And when you have a car where it counts to keep it as original as possible, having this option is a “must have”. And it works, 100% wonderful. But, these people at GTA Car Kits are the best. I had a problem with the install; the problem was mine to own. I didn’t connect the harness connector tight enough so duh!!! I received exemplary support from GTA and as a result, my installation was a success and also, I didn’t lose my mind trying to figure out what the heck was wrong (a little installation humor there). These guys are good. This product is amazing. Buy it. Get it. Do it!!!!

    - Vincent
  • The product works as advertised and the customer support is top-tier! Good to have CarPlay in my vehicle!

    - Jordan Irazabal
  • I bought this in 2020 now being 2022 this still works perfect. I love how the steering wheels control still work I’ve never experienced any static or lost signal it’s been working fantastic. 100% worth the price

    - Ulises Jimenez
  • Overall, great product. Hands free calling works but only if you are stopped. When driving, the microphone picks up so much background noise that people on the receiving end of the call cannot understand you. My car is fairly quiet so it’s not the car. Currently in search of a noise cancelling device for a 3.5 mm microphone but not sure anything exists.

    - Adam
  • Got this for a used 2011 Cayenne, and dealer agreed to install if I ordered it as part of the sale. Was one of the 1st to get the new v.2 kit, which was replacing the original when ordering….

    Dealer’s service dept needed some phone support from GTA to get it working right, but eventually did. Since then, GTA has posted video to YouTube for it.

    Definitely works as advertised. Screen looks great and all original functions still work, including PCM Nav. Just press and hold Info button on PCM for 2 secs to cycle between CarPlay and original PCM screens.

    Was very easy to pair iPhone (used 13 and 14) wired or wirelessly. And always pairs instantly when getting into car wirelessly.

    Couple of tricky things and tips…

    1. The GTA kit connects internally to the wired AUX audio input on the PCM, essentially taking over the wired AUX input port that would otherwise correspond to the 1/8” aux audio input jack inside the center console, which I presume is no longer usable to hookup another device to it (fine with me). So to hear the audio from CarPlay, you have to first have the wired AUX input enabled in the PCM, which isn’t always by default on your PCM, and have that input selected on the PCM to hear CarPlay audio. This means that if you’re listening to PCM’s radio, for example, you won’t hear CarPlay and vice versa. To enable tom he AUX input on the PCM if it isn’t already on the screen and selectable when you press the PCM’s SOURCE button, you must first put a CD into the disc player and switch to DISC (if no CD it won’t switch to that input). Once on DISC input, press OPTION tab on PCM screen and then press SET AUX button. From there you can toggle on/off the AUX and AUX Bluetooth inputs so they will show up and be selectable from the SOURCE menu in the PCM. Important: read on below about AUX Bluetooth input.

    2. Because of #1, above, it creates a bit of a kluge to deal with incoming phone calls via CarPlay when, say, listening to another source on the PCM like the FM radio. The best solution? Pair iPhone both with CarPlay kit AND with the PCM’s built-in Bluetooth phone interface, and make sure your phone is set to use the PCM audio when making and receiving phone calls, NOT “CarPlay”. This is because phone calls via the PCM always override whatever audio input you’re otherwise listening to on the PCM, including the radio or DISC. If you don’t do this, then you have to always switch the PCM back to the AUX audio source to hear the phone call via CarPlay. But if you are hearing the call via the PCM’s native Bluetooth hands free phone feature, then it always works and you can still see and interact with all the CarPlay screen graphic just the same. I also found that the audio levels were louder (better) for phone calls over the PCM’s native Bluetooth handsfree phone interface than they were via CarPlay audio, and more importantly, people with whom I had handsfree phone calls with told me they heard a delayed echo of themselves (audio feedback basically) when I took the call via CarPlay audio over the AUX audio source vs the PCM’s built-in Bluetooth handsfree phone audio pairing which worked perfectly. (The other “solution”, which is not as good IMO, is to forgo listing to the PCM’s FM Radio (and any other PCM audio sources for that matter), ever, and listen to everything via CarPlay, including radio stations via steaming apps like Apple Music, etc. Then you’ll always be on the AUX audio input and everything always works, including phone calls via “CarPlay”, since you’re always listening to the AUX source that CarPlay is feeding.)

    3. Tricky thing, though: Do NOT enable the AUX Bluetooth interface on the native PCM, or else your phone will tend to default to playing music through that method wirelessly rather than “CarPlay”, and you’ll struggle with which audio source to select. That is, if you pair your phone via Bluetooth with the native PCM for handsfree phone calls, then it will also be paired with the PCM for music playback via the PCM’s native AUX Bluetooth if (and only if) that AUX Bluetooth source is enabled in the PCM. If you disable AUX Bluetooth source in the PCM, then your phone won’t even see it, despite being paired with the PCM for handsfree phone calls, and will then default to CarPlay for playing music, which is what you want.

    4. Not really a problem, but just a note, while the touch screen works great for CarPlay, it does NOT support swipe gestures to swipe among screens of app icons, so you have to use the PCM’s physical rotary dial on the right to scroll among apps to make it go to the next or previous screen of app icons, and also it doesn’t do pinch and zoom gestures. This is presumably because the original touchscreen simply didn’t support those features through the hardware.

    In summary, it took me a week or two to get used to it and work out the things I learned above. Now that I am used to all that, I have to admit it’s fascinating to have a 12 year old car with what appears to be factory native wirelessly CarPlay beautifully displayed on the built in PCM screen. Brilliant!

    - Nate Caplin
  • I installed the kit in a 2015 S550/W222 with splitview up front, rear TVs and rear DVD, and 4 zone climate control. Mostly, I followed the instructions. Everything is working perfectly.

    There are some differences from the video with 4 zone climate. There is a fan under the center console where the video suggests placing the GTA control unit. Also, there’s generally less space under the center console for cars with 4 zone climate. I tried placing the unit just in front of the fan, but could not reinstall the center console. I eventually stood the GTA unit up just under the car’s CD changer head unit with most cables to the left and usb cable to the right. I put the bundle of wiring harness wires behind the GTA unit before standing it up under the CD changer. I was able to reinstall the center console with the GTA unit in that spot. It’s a tight fit, but it fits.

    I recommend putting tape or plastic wrap over the wood trim on the dash and also the face of the CD changer. I scratched my CD changer’s face when standing it on end to remove the wiring harnesses from the back of the CD changer to install the GTA wiring harnesses.

    Finally i noticed there is a small door in the bottom of the armrest compartment. You can pop it open and feed the GTA wires through there if you don’t want to drill a hole.

    - Rod D
  • Wow! This is one of the best purchases I’ve ever made in regards to a radio for a car. We have a 2004 Miata LS with the Bose system that sounds great. We looked at aftermarket radios and they all suffered form glare out in the sun. That’s no good with the top down or up plus altering the originality of the car which I really did not want to do. I looked for a way to tap in the preamp of the head unit and came across this Bluetooth box from GTA. It literally took 30 minutes to install it. Our phones works through it. I had cataloged my music with MediaMonkey on my Android phone and it all works perfectly. The car is original. I could not ask for a better upgrade. And considering the time it would take to engineer a tap into the preamp and still not have Bluetooth this device is well worth the price. Thank you GTA I will spread the word.

    - Greg
  • All honestly I’m impressed I never thought my 2005 Honda Civic’s will sound like that so thank you so much guys you made my day.

    - Andrew S
  • Excellent device for my old Mercedes.

    Very good installing guide video and kind technical support.

    I really love this kit.

    Thank you “gtacarkits” for your help!!!

    - Louie Kim
  • Great device.
    Very good installing guide video and very kind and perfect technical support.

    I really love this kit.

    Thank you “gtacarkits” for your help!!!!

    - Louie Kim