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  • Purchased this Carplay kit and am extremely happy with the ability to integrate Carplay to my 2012 Panny. The installation was pretty simple given the step-by-step instructions video. This installation uses specific tools so make sure you have a precision toolkit and a magnet. Fitting the unit under the dash was not pleasant, but I managed. Make sure you consider testing and placement before finishing the install and piecing everything back together. Some cons are some lagging of the unit (changing songs, etc.), syncing to the phone (when you get out of the car briefly and get back in, doesn’t reconnect very easily), and the mic isn’t good at all, so I have to use the car’s phone mic vs Carplay to make calls. The syncing problem I can get around by toggling wifi for the most part, or rebooting in the settings, but I really shouldn’t have to do this. Either way, I’m glad I purchased this unit and have Carplay in my vehicle. The GTA folks are very good and respond to any questions/issues very quickly. Would certainly recommend this company/product to anyone.

    - Daniel Valera
  • First of all – every step of the order was flawless – super fast, great communication and a lot of extra explanation to my additional questions. Second – the youtube video guid is super descriptive and I have no technical knowledge and wiring experience at all – I was able to do the whole instalation on my own. It has slight difference because my Cayenne has burmester audio and the audio cable shuold have be disconected from the original harnes and added to the new one – for this step the guys from GTA car kits sent me an extra video to see it – in reality – 10 seconds job.
    The product – after the wiring I was extremely satisfied with the result – I keep my original PCM with all its functionallity and this module adds the android auto/car play features without losing anything. The sound quality – if burmester produces 9/10 with Spotify connected through bluetooth – with AUX and this module it is with no doubt – 11/10. Highly recomended for all porsche owners who miss these applications on te original PCM and don’t want to change the great interior of their cars

    - Dimitar Vasilev
  • Hey GTA,
    I Recently bought a 2004 Mazda 3 2,0 Sport with only 88.000km on the clock.
    Searched the net for a BT kit and decided on the GTA kit.
    While waiting for it to arrive I watched all the installation videos and reviews and went to my garage after picking up the package.
    It took me under 30 minutes to fit it and have it working and on my way listening to favorite track from my iPhone – phone calls work great too.
    Really pleased with it – great buy.
    Denmark, Europe

    - Per Holmen
  • I have a q60 and it’s a Super easy installation legit plug and play

    - Q60_shade
  • My name is Ajeeb, I live in Australia. I recently bought GTA car kit for my car Civic. Wowowww I loved it. I am very satisfied with the product. I thought of sharing my review because your product has made me so happy. I would rate it 10 on 10. This is what I exactly wanted and that’s what I got.

    - Ajeeb Hameed
  • Honestly great experience with this kit and product! The kit and instructions and super easy to fallow and any questions I had by the team at GTA were answered quickly and on point I’d give them 3 out of 3 stars on products / information and install / and customer service. If your on the fence about buying the kit it’s worth it 100 percent

    - Jason Didlick
  • I live in Australia and own a 2005 Lexus RX330 and like everyone else the factory audio started playing up. The CD system started showing ERROR 3 and I couldn’t play any cd’s, the radio still worked but it was annoying not to be able to play my favourite music. Then I seen a clip on YouTube about the GTA car kit and I thought this was the way to go. So I purchased the car kit and it has solved all my problems, I am now listening to my favourite music via my IPhone and I am extremely happy. All my factory controls still work, nothing has changed except my choice of music. This is a magnificent product and all I can say is thank you. Anybody that is having the sort of problems as I did, this is the way to go. Well done GTA. Lawrence.

    - Lawrence Wasley
  • Works seamlessly right out of the box, bluetooth allows controls of the radio to be used for a number of things, which is really cool. Sound quality is great as well. Really amazing the capabilities my 20 year old car’s radio has now.

    - Marcus S
  • Very happy with this car kit very easy installation no static noise exactly as described

    Ben from New Zealand

    - Ben Gale
  • Product worked exactly as advertised. This kit will work with the navigation system as stated in another review, you just need to plug it in to the cd changer port. I was incredibly impressed with the customer service. My package was lost by USPS and even thought the company had every right to not help me they chose to send out a new one. They were also very responsive and informative in the emails. Highly recommend this product, easy install and unparalleled customer service.

    - Ryan Crawford