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  • Hey I have a Toyota Highlander 2015 ok so look my Toyota don’t have GPS navigation they have regular radio so what are you think dash kit they can fit my Toyota 2015

    - Sergio samaniego
  • I’ve been using this setup in 2006 Double Cab for several years now. Works flawlessly. Several model iPhones of the years…zero issues. Fantastic solution.

    - David
  • Honestly this has been my favorite mod I’ve done to my car so far. I highly recommend it to anyone who cares about having a pretty cool radio. Usually I’m skeptical about working with the electrical part of any car, but literally the installation is just as easy as the video makes it look. I usually don’t write reviews on anything, but this definitely deserves one. Highly recommend!

    - Sergio L
  • As someone who thought they’d have to purchase a new car just to have bluetooth connectivity…I am so happy that I found this car kit. Originally, my radio (original Honda radio – non satellite) was connected to a third party iPhone-compatible cable via the CD changer port that provided CD quality audio, but I wanted something wireless. I was nervous about having it removed and replaced with a bluetooth kit. I purchased the Bluetooth kit for my 2004 Honda Accord EX, and I took the kit to my local dealership. After it was installed, I drove around town for a while to test the audio (because I love my music). The sound quality is excellent and sounds the same as the CD player. I wanted to leave a review because… for those of us that love our music but have older cars, this is a life saver.

    - Nicole
  • I installed the “Pure Bluetooth with AUX” kit in my 2005 Honda Accord. Installation was fairly easy, just took some extra time to make the connection to my jack on my cd system, because my jack plug is on the back vs underneath the cd system. I’m now able to receive and make phone calls thru my car using the bluetooth feature. Phone calls are extremely clear, the calls on this system are just as clear or clearer than my late model 2013 and 2016 vehicles. Streaming music and Aux music is extremely clear and crisp (CD quality sound or better). Steering wheel and stereo controls for phone calls, and music works well with the system. I wish I had seen this system sometime back I could have been enjoying the bluetooth feature of phone calls, streaming & aux music in this vehicle way before now.

    I highly recommend this as a great solution to updating your audio system to become bluetooth enable to allow your audio system to take advantage of later technology.

    - Tony
  • 2005 Honda Pilot – With RES.
    I purchased the pure Bluetooth kit and I have been quite impressed with the product. First, this kit works with the RES version of the pilot and is plugged into the CD changer port for the in dash CD changer. The in dash CD changer will no longer function which was fine with me. The DVD player and single CD player still work like normal.

    The only down side I can highlight is the call quality using Bluetooth. It is decent at times but at other times it’s tough for the other party to hear you.

    Overall Rating:
    Bluetooth streaming audio qaulity – A
    Phone Call Bluetooth Audio Qaulity – C (Sometimes B)

    Overall it is a great kid and worth the investment for older cars that didn’t come with Bluetooth

    - Ryan Kazinec
  • Works like a charm. I had my doubts, but this product exceeded my expectations. Kudos to you, GTA Car Kits! 10/10 Perfect job!

    Here’s why I’m pleased. It’s down to the technical details:
    My car has a CD changer, but a close look reveals that I do NOT need the Y-Cable. I had my doubt because the empty connector only had 6 pins in it – one row populated, other row empty, while the GTA unit cable has all 12 pins populated. Everything tested OK including phone calls, aux option and next/prev buttons. No idea what the unconnected 6 wires do, but apparently they’re somehow not important in this configuration.

    - Eitan Tal
  • Just received my Pure Bluetooth Car Kit today. Installation in my 2010 Tacoma took about 20 minutes, and everything works as advertised. OEM-like integration with the radio and steering wheel controls makes this kit really the only choice. Thanks for a great product!

    - Rick from NH, USA
  • I just received this kit today and wow I am more than happy. My 05 tsx is now fully equipped with the wired kit and the quality is great. For someone who wants high quality streaming through your car’s speakers, this is a must buy as it is a very excellent kit. I have an iPhone 7 and had to buy the apple 30 pin to lightning adapter for my phone. I plugged it in right under my radio in under a minute. I drilled a hole right through the storage compartment that needed to be removed and fed the cord through there and it fits like a glove. Some tips for someone who bought or is buying the kit. 1) Yes, it is 90$ but it will be the best $90 you have ever spent. 2) Make sure if you are using the charging cable that you switch back to disk one when just playing from your music library. 3) Zip tie/tape the kit in behind your compartment. It will make it much easier to store and keep in good condition. 4) Buy this kit! Thank you GTA Car Kits!!

    - Luke Vukovich
  • I bought the pure bluetooth with aux kit. The YouTube video was perfect showing how to remove the stereo. The harness goes straight into the stereo. I had to use the ground wire to power the adapter on but it’s easy to screw to metal. Works great and the folks at GTAcar kits were quick to respond with an answer to my question. Awesome company and great product. No brainer if you need to add bluetooth to your vehicle.

    - Joe