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  • Works great! Seems like a better implementation than the factory CarPlay in my other cars. I routed the USB cable to the storage under the armrest. The YouTube video showed two antennas, but the latest version seems to combine them to one antenna. Very happy with it.

    - John
  • I just bought and installed the kits myself yesterday (05/14/24). In general the installation video and product are working pretty well. There are a few improvements needed however:
    1) The instructions do not clearly stated that we need to set the audio in the car to Aux to make it work properly. This causes some confusions and I had to remove most installed components and restart again.
    2) Some of the steps in the process could be better if changing the order. There should be a written step by step installation instruction.
    Overall, I am happy with the product since it is much better than other products that I viewed before making the commitment with GTA.

    - Son Truong
  • Works as described.
    Key is remember the optical cable flip from the original harness to the bridging harness. This is true for all bose+ PCMs.
    Had some issues to get the cables connected into the head unit but everything works perfect.
    Sound quality is great.
    PDC and oem backup camera works.
    Huge upgrade!!

    - Dee
  • Just did this install, it worked perfectly and exactly as shown on the YouTube video. CarPlay works great, and I love that it connects FASTER than NTG even finishes booting up, so my music starts playing before the screen even shows.

    My only note was in the part where they recommend you crack the plastic to fit the wires through — I didn’t find it that difficult on my vehicle to get them up there without having to do that, but YMMV. The biggest challenge for me was getting the head unit back in. The new harness/adapter kept getting in the way, and I had to get it lined up perfectly with a void below the head unit by getting my hand in there when the head was half-way in and pushing the new harness down, and THEN once it was perfectly in position, I could push the unit back in.

    Otherwise excellent, super easy install, no weird trouble or tech support needed. Thanks guys!

    - Patrick D
  • Great company to deal with, GTA double checked my shipping address before sending, to ensure it was right. Great service. Arrived very quickly. Word of warning to Irish customers, you might get a customs charge ( 15% for me ) but thats not GTA’s issue.

    Such a simple install in RX400h. Tip, put some electrical tape into the socket when getting the top 2 bolts out/in of the headunit to avoid them dropping down. All done in about 40 mins.
    Works perfectly. Great quality and got rid of the FM transmitter.

    - Seanie from Ireland
  • I just installed this in my 2015 Porsche Cayenne Turbo. The video instructions made what would have been a scary job very easy! The details of what to watch out for resulted in zero installation errors. Thanks GTA! Works great!

    - John
  • I installed the GTA Bluetooth Kit in my 2005 Honda Civic EX and I’m so happy with it! I prefer this kit compared to the other options out there. I got the exact results I wanted! No ugly aftermarket stereo, no dangling wires. I’m looking forward to going on some drives and listening to music!

    - Janine A
  • This kit works better than the factory solutions I have in my other cars. Wireless AirPlay works perfectly. Installation was very straightforward, and followed the instructions on the video to the letter. No surprises at all, which is exactly what you want when taking apart the dash of your 911!

    I had a small question after the install, and the team answered it quickly.

    I will consider any of their kits in the future – the hardware, software and support are all excellent.

    - John
  • Fantastic Product. In Australia Mercedes want to charge to upgrade maps for 3 years. This unit gives me pinpoint accurancy with Google maps, Spotify and more. The only issue i had with install is the removal of the wire clips and reinstall of new clips requires quite a bit of force.
    The install process was about 1.5 hours and the video on youtube is very clear.

    - David B Australia
  • After some trepidation, decided to go with the GTA Carplay/Android kit over the cheaper Chinese version from Aliexpress.
    Installation was not that difficult, but the instruction video did miss one part of the removal of the centre compartment release fitting, which I ended up breaking a plastic tab! Luckily, it did not affect the fitting later.

    Delivery arrived in Australian within two weeks. For whatever reason, tracking showed it spent up 4 to 5 days in Dubai!. No issue as I only installed the system after two weeks on receiving it.

    First mistake, I did not connect the right mic jack. Video instruction was not clear, but the attached wiring schematic helps to mitigate this. 2nd mistake was I did not remove and refit the fibre connection on the dongle. Initially the DAB radio did not work. After realising my mistake, I refitted the connection, and it works.

    I am over the moon with this kit. Now I can boast to my missus of the Carplay in my 2016 GLC 250d. She always had hers in her 2019 A-class. Good performance and no lag. Not buggy at all (as opposed to the Chinese version in my previous Mercedes GL). All functions work fine and did not lose any steering control.

    Only minor regret is that I actually do not need that USB adaptor for hard wired connection and 3.5mm audio for the Bluetooth mic – I won’t need to drill that hole any bigger than it is now. I just need the audio cable to feedback to the USB Input.

    Thanks GTA.

    - Az of Perth, Australia