Wireless CarPlay and AndroidAuto Integration for Porsche Cayenne 2011-2016

Our Apple CarPlay/Android Auto integration kit will give you the ability to add on functions for Apple CarPlay and Android Auto to your Porsche existing entertainment system.

To control and switch the apps within CarPlay/Android Auto, is done with your vehicle’s built-in radio controls, or with original touchscreen controls. You will not lose any functions from your original Porsche system, the integration kit will work as an added function.

The kit will come with the required module and all the necessary wires to complete installation in your vehicle.

$599.99 USD

Please note:

This product works with PCM3.1 radios only. If you have a NAVI button above the round knob on the radio, that is closer to the passenger seat, then you DO have PCM3.1.

If you have CDR31 radio, please check out a separate product page for that particular radio, also available on our website.