• AUX and iPhone Car Kit for Honda Pilot 2006-2008


    AUX and iPhone Car Kit for Honda Pilot 2006-2008

    From: $99 USD

    GTA Car Kit for Honda Pilot 2006, 2007 and 2008 model years is all you need to integrate your iPod, iPhone, AUX or mp3 player with your car stereo system.

    The kit has a Bluetooth port that allows to connect Bluetooth Extension (sold separately) for hands-free calling and wireless music streaming.

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    • Honda Pilot with XM Radio is not supported

    • Product Description

      GTA Car Kits adapter for Honda Pilot 2006-2008 fully supports all Apple devices: your iPhone, iPad or iPod starts streaming music when you turn on your stereo; you can control the songs from your steering wheel and factory car radio. You can move between playlists using DISK buttons located on your radio. When connected through Apple cable - iPhone or iPod charges through GTA Car Kit as long as you run your car.


      • Listen music from iPhone, iPod, iPad, smartphone or mp3 player with CD quality
      • Keep iPhone/iPod always charged
      • Manage iPhone/iPad/iPod through native car controls
      • Last position memory feature automatically pause/resume music
      • Do-it-yourself installation with the guidance of our Youtube video
      • Increase the resale value of your vehicle

      Included in the kit:

      • GTA Car Kits Module for Honda Pilot 2006-2008 with iPhone/iPod/iPad output, AUX output and Bluetooth extension port
      • Wire Harness that connects to external CD changer port of your stereo - 3.5 feet (designed specifically for Honda Pilot 2006-2008)
      • iPhone/iPad/iPod 30-pin cable - 4 feet long (your need Apple original adapter for 9-pin devices)
      • 3.5 mm jack cable for AUX - 4 feet long (connects your stereo to any mp3 device)
    • AUX/iPhone Kit Installation and Usage for Honda Pilot 2006-2008

      Disclaimer: install at your own risk
      GTA Car Kits is not responsible and should not be liable for any damages caused to you or your vehicle during installation of the kit. All installation videos on this website and GTA Car Kit's YouTube channel provided as a reference only. If you don't feel comfortable with DIY installation - please contact a car audio professional in your local area.
    • Bluetooth Extension Installation and Usage for Honda Pilot 2006-2008

      Disclaimer: install at your own risk
      GTA Car Kits is not responsible and should not be liable for any damages caused to you or your vehicle during installation of the kit. All installation videos on this website and GTA Car Kit's YouTube channel provided as a reference only. If you don't feel comfortable with DIY installation - please contact a car audio professional in your local area.
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    • Reviews (12)

      1. :

        Best money spent!!! Very easy to install just watch the YouTube video. Only complaint is I didn’t get it sooner. Great customer service!!!!!!

      2. :

        Ordered GTA’s carkit with blietooth extension for my 2007 Honda Pilot and have to say that I’m extremely satisfied with the quality of the product and the customer service provided by GTA. The installation took me a little more than an hour mainly because I was trying to figure where I wanted to put the wires for the bluetooth module and connector for the iphone/ipod. The video instructions were great as well. I plan to order another complete kit for my 2006 Toyota Camery. This is a much more cost effective solution than taking it to a place like Best Buy and purchasing what they stock, and having them install it. You can’t go wrong with this kit. :-)

      3. :

        Kit works great! Installation went very smoothly. One handy hint that wasn’t in the video is to lower the steering wheel to the lowest position. It helps with the speedo trim. Much easier to get everything realigned and back together. Also if you have XM radio you will need the splitter. Wonderful product- wish I could get one for my old Ford.

      4. :

        This is by far the easiest kit to install. Followed the YouTube video and my kit worked beautifully!!!! You were great at answering all my questions so thank you! I wish I had installed it long time ago. The price was not that bad considering what the dealer will charge you. I definitely recommend this kit and this seller!

      5. :

        Installation was a breeze because of this video. Great job putting it together.

      6. :

        The only complaint I have about this kit is that I didn’t BUY IT SOONER! It worked flawlessly the moment I installed. Installation took 20 minutes after watching the YouTube video. I had been toying with the idea of having Honda install an Aux port – but for $450?? This is way better and connects directly to my iPhone 5s (with Apple lightening adapter) AND it charges so that frees up my lighter port to charge another device.

        Had to call support during install for a question and call was answered on first ring and service was great! I am recommending the kit to friends without reservation!

      7. :

        “Had to come back to you guys for splitter since my Pilot has DVD, but once I received it and bought a short screwdriver, installation was a breeze!

        Worked just like shown in the video. Kicking myself for taking so long to do this project! Took all of 15 minutes thanks to your awesome instructions

        - thank you!”

      8. :

        “I followed every step in this video & my iPhone works perfectly with my 2006 Honda Pilot. Took me about an hour, like you said. Thank you!!! I love it!!! :-)

      9. :

        “Just got GTA car kit for my 2007 Honda Pilot, took me like an hour to finish the whole thing, works as advertised!!!

        I have been looking for something like this for a long time, Honda wanted to charge me like $400, and stereo shops could not get me anything cause the said the year of my pilot it could not be done.

        I’m so happy and it was easy to install. The video is a great help, its bang on!

        Thanks GTA”
        (comment received on Facebook wall)

      10. :


        I wanted to thank you for a very high quality product! It was easy to install, I was worried about “taking the dash apart” but it was easy! It works as promised, I wish I had done it years ago.

        Thanks again.
        (owner of 2006 Honda Pilot EXL without nav)”

      11. :

        “Google search led me to your YouTube video on how to install the car kit on a 2007 Honda Pilot.

        I didn’t consider any other kits as your price seemed right and your video was clear and easy to follow.

        Shipment was prompt. Received package in 3-4 business days after placing order.

        Installation was quick and easy due to your video, which was extremely easy to follow. I Had an iPad in the car with me to easily refer to your video while doing the install. Took maybe 30 minutes. I just needed a flat head and Phillips screw driver for the install.

        I have an iPhone 4 that I am using with the kit. Works perfectly as seen in the video. I ran the cables through the center consel as the video mentioned by drilling a hole in the base.

        Being able to listen music on my iPhone through my car’s system was the key reason for the purchase. Overall I am very pleased with the product, ease of install and ease of use through car system.

        I think I received good value. I’m not handy, so without video next option was for dealer to install. That would have run me a couple hundred for the kit plus a couple hundred for the install. GTA’s kit cost me a hundred bucks and did the install on my car in 30 minutes. So view that I’m net positive by a couple hundred bucks through the help of your video. And yes, would recommend this product to friends as well.”

      12. :

        “I installed the GTA car kit in 30 minutes for a 2007 Honda Pilot with navigation. No extra tools. I cannot express how helpful the video was if not for that I seriously doubt I would have tried to do this myself.
        The only problem – trim panels came off a little harder than video showed but maybe your technician has done many hundreds more.

        iPod installation ran cable into glove box – it was for my daughter’s car and she loves it.

        I feel the price was right and I would highly recommend your products to others.”

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