• AUX and iPhone Car Kit for Lexus RX 2004-2009


    AUX and iPhone Car Kit for Lexus RX 2004-2009

    $114 USD

    GTA Car Kit for Lexus RX 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008 and 2009 model years is all you need to integrate your iPod, iPhone, AUX or mp3 player with your car stereo system.

    The kit has a Bluetooth port that allows to connect Bluetooth Extension (sold separately) for hands-free calling and wireless music streaming.

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    • Product Description

      GTA Car Kits adapter for Lexus RX300 RX330 RX350 RX400H 2004-2009 fully supports all Apple devices: your iPhone, iPad or iPod starts streaming music when you turn on your stereo; you can control the songs from your steering wheel and factory car radio. You can move between playlists using DISK buttons located on your radio. When connected through Apple cable - iPhone or iPod charges through GTA Car Kit as long as you run your car.


      • Listen music from iPhone, iPod, iPad, smartphone or mp3 player with CD quality
      • Keep iPhone/iPod always charged
      • Manage iPhone/iPad/iPod through native car controls
      • Last position memory feature automatically pause/resume music
      • Do-it-yourself installation with the guidance of our Youtube video
      • Increase the resale value of your vehicle

      Included in the kit:

      • GTA Car Kits Module for Lexus RX300 RX330 RX350 RX400H 2004-2009 with iPhone/iPod/iPad output, AUX output and Bluetooth extension port
      • Wire Harness that connects to external CD changer port of your stereo - 3.5 feet (designed specifically for Lexus RX300 RX330 RX350 RX400H 2004-2009)
      • iPhone/iPad/iPod 30-pin cable - 4 feet long (your need Apple original adapter for 9-pin devices)
      • 3.5 mm jack cable for AUX - 4 feet long (connects your stereo to any mp3 device)
      • Splitter (Y shape) cable
    • AUX and iPhone kit installation/usage video for Lexus RX 2004-2009

      Disclaimer: install at your own risk
      GTA Car Kits is not responsible and should not be liable for any damages caused to you or your vehicle during installation of the kit. All installation videos on this website and GTA Car Kit's YouTube channel provided as a reference only. If you don't feel comfortable with DIY installation - please contact a car audio professional in your local area.
    • Bluetooth Extension installation/usage video for Lexus RX 2004-2009

      Disclaimer: install at your own risk
      GTA Car Kits is not responsible and should not be liable for any damages caused to you or your vehicle during installation of the kit. All installation videos on this website and GTA Car Kit's YouTube channel provided as a reference only. If you don't feel comfortable with DIY installation - please contact a car audio professional in your local area.
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    • Reviews (13)

      1. :

        This kit works like a charm! It took about an hour to install, but it’s because I was being super careful and doing it slowly. Probably can be done in 20 mins or so if you want. I have a Lexus RX 2004, and the original cd player is kinda dying and often times won’t load / play cd, so I really wanted to have an iPod extension / blue tooth. First tried those crappy tape adapter, the quality is absolutely unacceptable. Then I went to Best Buy just to see what they have, was thinking I don’t want to deal with it and just have a professional install it. But I didn’t see anything I like and then I found this GTA car kit which costs around the same as the other stereos. And the video above is what convinced me to buy this GTA car kit, since it showed such detailed instructions and it didn’t look too bad. I bought the GTA kit, the Bluetooth extension, and also the panel removal tools, total of about $180. Then I also got the extension bar, and the magnet pick up tool. Everything mentioned in the video above, and YES! You need them all. Maybe you could do away with the panel removal tool, but I’d recommend getting it too. And everything worked pretty much EXACTLY as this video to described. A couple minor notes for anyone else who have a 2004 instead of a 2007 model RX; 1. Unlike the video above, it didn’t need the Y cable. When I pulled out the stereo, there’s an empty slot that fits the GTA Car kit. 2. For the 4 bolts holding the stereo, the top ones are indeed tricky to get to as the video says. Unscrewing it wasn’t too bad, since I did get the magnet tool and it grabbed the bolt without problem, but I have no clue how to put it back. The stereo is very sturdy with just the bottom two bolts, so I just left the top two out. Didn’t want to risk dropping the bolt into who knows wear while trying to screw it back on. 3. For the bluetooth extension, the one touch button was a bit hard to stick. The button comes with double sided tape which wasn’t sticky at all. But it’s not critical to tape it down I guess, the panel keeps the button pretty stable if you just pull the wire all the way in. Other than these minor things, this kit totally works. Very happy that now I can use my iPod / bluetooth and keeping my original stereo that has the Lexus logo on it!!!!

      2. :

        This is an addendum to the earlier post… One thing I discovered is that you can also get the App for XMRadio on your phone and use it through the GTA hook-up. It is great!

      3. :

        Could not have been simpler! It took me less than an hour to get this taken care of. Directions could not have been easier. The magnet was a must. I used a little different set up as I had a larger magnet off the back of a name tag and put it on the tool. No problems with the screws in the back. Too bad the cord won’t go up through the center console. For the sound, and ability to use Pandora and itunes…I love it!

      4. :

        “Let me first say that I ordered my kit and had it in a few days.

        Watched the video a couple of times just to make sure that I understood everything. The only question that I had was about the key being on while removing the panels (the gearshift lever should be in neutral for easy removal, therefore the key had to be on to move the lever out of Park). It only took a couple of minutes to remove the panels. I was careful not to let the antennas plugs come undone. I didn’t need the harness since I had an open female receptacle.

        Once I tested it, I started looking to route the cable that goes from the unit to the iPod. This is what took the time, though the overall installation was only a little over an hour once I figured how to route the cable. In the ’05 RX330, I couldn’t get to the glove box easily. Therefore, as shown in the video, I went down behind the passenger foot panel and brought it out into the footwell, close to the console. It took a few minutes of trying to feed a wiggly cable before I got smart and took a long dowel, pushed it down through the space to the opening in the footwell, and taped the cable from the iPod to the end of the dowel. Then I pulled it up through the ins and outs of the framing to the console opening.

        Once secured to the GTA unit, for security, I taped the cable to the unit, then wrapped the unit with a folded plastic bag for cushioning (hoping to eliminate any rattle that might take place) and taped it up. On the video, the installer recommends putting the box in a space that’s in the back right behind the radio unit. It fits perfectly and is out of the way. Once all that was done, I buttoned everything back up.

        I bought a magnetic tool as recommended, that hold up to 15 pounds. Great investment! Removing the radio, I thought that there were nuts behind the bolts and was trying to be very careful. But, the bolts thread directly onto the frame. You just need to back them out most of the way, then put the mag tool onto them and continue backing them out safely. Putting it back together, I used the mag tool again to start the radio’s bolts and screw them loosely until all four bolts were in place, I finished with the socket wrench, then popped the two remaining pieces into place.

        Could have taken even less time if I would have known where and how I was going to route the iPod’s cable. But, I’m good to go. Good instruction and product. Crystal clear music.

        And, for you kids out there… I’m 71. So, if I can do it, you’ll have no problem. Hope this review helps.

        All the best, Steve”

      5. :

        “I was looking on youtube on how to take out the radio since I hadn’t taken this one out before and I was looking to tap in an fm modulator, and came across your video. I was looking at a wired in power switch fm modulator from PAC or peripheral on amazon, but I had heard these units degrade the audio signal, and I use an fm transmitter with varying results in my jeep.

        After ordering I received a couple of email updates and within 3-4 days I had the unit!

        Installation was real easy as this is a plug and play setup and took about an hour, and only tools required were a 10 mm socket with extension, a couple of zip ties to hang the converter against the frame behind radio, and I have a magnetic rod that I needed to grab a stray bolt or two back out of the black hole after I dropped them, they have designed it to work flawlessly with the factory radio. I have a 2008 Lexus RX 350 with Navi/bluetooth, (not the levinson radio) and it plugged right in.

        The video is real explanatory, and I noticed one important note on the lexus when I watched the video again, once you have put the radio back in and plugged everything back together, you MUST PUT CAR IN PARK AND JUST PUT KEY IN IGNITION AND WAIT FOR A MINUTE, this re-acclimates the radio and it will work fine if you do this, the first time I plugged it together, I missed this and I didnt get any sound out of radio, and car wouldnt start (theft prevention).

        I routed the cables into the glove box for now, but if unit continues to work great, I am going to route the 3.5 aux cable under console and up through the center console with a longer aux cable.

        I like that this unit is compatible 100% with factory radio and all controls, once you get used to it its very intuitive. The value of product is great and I would recommend this to a friend!

        Thank you”

      6. :

        “Just got one 2 days ago and installed it today. Could have done it in 15 mins. but got careless (did not use magnet) on the first bolt (one of the 2 that was had to reach) and dropped it inside the console. Luckily I got spare M6 bolt in my shop.

        But overall, video was good, installation experience was good and the car kit was excellent…

        ironically I was looking for iPhone FM transmitted and car charger when I come accross with this product… and I’m glad i found this one..”

      7. :

        “Hey GTA Folks…

        I’ve owned my 2005 RX330 since new. Of course, this model doesn’t have the iPod and iPhone connectivity that is now standard on newer cars. This has been frustrating because even my wife’s car has this capability. I tried using those crappy FM transmitters, they are always fuzzy sounding and do not charge my iPhone.

        Never fear, I found your GTA device online and compared to some other devices. Your description and installation video were perfect. I took my iPad out to the car and played the video as I installed the unit. It took about 40 min to install with no problems. In can plug in my phone and listen to online radio, Sirius Radio or any tunes I have on my iPhone. Best of all, my phone is charging the whole time.

        I’m still trying to figure out how to use the radio and steering wheel buttons to control and maneuver through my music and playlists. I will figure it out.

        Now I will keep my Lexus until the wheels fall off!

        2005 Lexus RX330
        Washington, D.C.”

      8. :

        “Hey All,

        Just writing to say I recently installed your kit in an RX 330. Took about 30 minutes and it works good and sounds GREAT!!! Finally, no more FM modulator!!!! Those things are junk. What’s even better is having the charging and audio capability built into one device, so no more having to carry a separate charger. Plus, with the Aux jack, my non-iPhone/iPod friends can plug their stuff in too! Perfect. Should have bought this a long time ago.


      9. :

        “Quickly shipped and using this video as a guide I did the install in an hour. Removal of the radio is reasonably easy with the right tools. The plug and play was easy – routing the connection was not too hard but took a chunk of the time.

        Very happy with the result and the functionality of this unit. Steering wheel controls work as before. Highly recommended.”

      10. :

        “I too have a 2005 rx330 with cassette. I made an guess on my install and it works great.

        The Video has a differnt configuration where he detaches the smaller center plug and hooks everything up to the Y harness. Your radio will have two bigger plugs that need to stay plugged in, forget using the Y harness. Your radio will have an unused small opening that the module harness can plug into.

        It is all super easy to do, I agree that the video was AWESOME!”

      11. :

        ” ALOHA!

        Thank You very much for a great product.

        I placed my order for my wife 2008 Lexus RX 350 with navigation last 8/26/11 and just got it yesterday 8/29/11 in the afternoon. I may say the S&H is very fast despite the fact that I am here in Maui, Hawaii. I also like the FREE S&H. All of the company I search online charge almost the price of the item they are selling.

        Installion is like walking in the park. I followed the instruction that you guys posted on your website and walla! I installed the GTA CarKit for less than an hour. My wife and I have both iPhone4 and both work. I tried my daughter’s ipod, too. It’s like plug and play. I run the cable on the glove compartment. Oh! well I just need to buy the phone holder, my bad on that. The sound quality is so amazing.

        I will definitely spread the words to my family and friends and co-workers. I hope they put their trust to your product as i put my trust.”

      12. :

        “Hi GTA Car Kits,

        I found out about GTA Car Kits while searching online for an after-market product that provided iPod/AUX support and would integrate with my existing (Lexus RX) vehicle audio system.
        I had tried a middle-of-the-road FM Transmitter, but the audio quality is extremely poor. When I saw what GTA Car Kits offered, it looked much more appropriate for what I wanted.

        The shipping surprised me how fast I received my kit. I was expecting at least two or three days of waiting, but it was delivered within a day.

        I did watch the video several times and it did seem to be a very straight-forward installation. The video was very accurate when it came to the steps needed to get access to my audio system. The actual connectors the GTA Car Kit provides are very good. I do have to thank the video for the tip of having a small magnetic extension tool as I did need to use it several times when I dropped the screws into very tight area. It probably took me about 2 hours in total, with more than half of that spent running the cables into my glovebox and putting things back together. Unfortunately the video does not prepare you for that part. It took me some time to figure out how I could run the cables to get them into my glovebox area. When I finally found a way to get my glovebox to open much further I could finish things much quicker.

        I am using an iPod Touch 3rd Generation and I really appreciate being able to control my iPod via the actual audio system controls or with the audio controls on my steering wheel. Things work just as they were advertised in the video.

        This is an excellent product at a great price and delivers an excellent solution for an after-market product. Great work GTA. I would direct all of my friends or family towards this car kit if I heard they were looking for a similar solution.

        Again, thanks for creating this solution for mine and many other vehicles.”

      13. :

        “Tried few FM transmitters in the past. If numbers 88.1, 87.9, 88.3 look familiar, you probably know what problem with clarity of sound I had. I did my research on the internet and found few adapters that connect iPhone directly to the car stereo and offer clear sound.

        But what stroke me is the lack of installation instructions. “Plug the cable to the back of your factory stereo” might sound simple, but in reality my Lexus RX panel looks rock solid. Finally I found video turotial from GTA Car Kits and after watching youtube video I decided that it is doable project and bought the kit. Kit came 4 days after ordering.

        It turned out to be an interesting project as with video on hand I felt myself an expert. You should see the face of my girlfriend once I was done as she thought that this job should be done by mechanic at Lexus dealership ;) .

        Took me 1 hour to complete my little project and I managed to avoid any scratches on my panel (it was my biggest concern).

        The sound quality from my iPhone 3GS was amazing. I really like the ability to switch playlists as my phone became my virtual CD changer. And I don’t need any real CDs in my car anymore. The only lacking feature is the actual name of the playlist. It shows only “Playlist X”.

        But other than that the kit is perfect and I think I got really good deal for the price of 1.5 tank of gas.


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