• AUX and iPhone Car Kit for Toyota Camry 2002-2004


    AUX and iPhone Car Kit for Toyota Camry 2002-2004

    $104 USD

    GTA Car Kit for Toyota Camry 2002, 2003 and 2004 model years is all you need to integrate your iPod, iPhone, AUX or mp3 player with your car stereo system.

    The kit has a Bluetooth port that allows to connect Bluetooth Extension (sold separately) for hands-free calling and wireless music streaming.

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    • Product Description

      GTA Car Kits adapter for Toyota Camry 2002-2004 fully supports all Apple devices: your iPhone, iPad or iPod starts streaming music when you turn on your stereo; you can control the songs from your steering wheel and factory car radio. You can move between playlists using DISK buttons located on your radio. When connected through Apple cable - iPhone or iPod charges through GTA Car Kit as long as you run your car.


      • Listen music from iPhone, iPod, iPad, smartphone or mp3 player with CD quality
      • Keep iPhone/iPod always charged
      • Manage iPhone/iPad/iPod through native car controls
      • Last position memory feature automatically pause/resume music
      • Do-it-yourself installation with the guidance of our Youtube video
      • Increase the resale value of your vehicle

      Included in the kit:

      • GTA Car Kits Module for Toyota Camry 2002-2004 with iPhone/iPod/iPad output, AUX output and Bluetooth extension port
      • Wire Harness that connects to external CD changer port of your stereo - 3.5 feet (designed specifically for Toyota Camry 2002-2004)
      • iPhone/iPad/iPod 30-pin cable - 4 feet long (your need Apple original adapter for 9-pin devices)
      • 3.5 mm jack cable for AUX - 4 feet long (connects your stereo to any mp3 device)
    • Toyota Stereos with model name that start with AD letters is not supported

      If your Camry is equipped with the radio that starts with AD letters (e.g. AD1812) – such radios are not supported by our kit.
      AD stereo models use different digital protocol and you might experience noise when listening music through the kit.

    • Installation video for Toyota Camry 2002-2004

      Disclaimer: install at your own risk
      GTA Car Kits is not responsible and should not be liable for any damages caused to you or your vehicle during installation of the kit. All installation videos on this website and GTA Car Kit's YouTube channel provided as a reference only. If you don't feel comfortable with DIY installation - please contact a car audio professional in your local area.
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    • Reviews (5)

      1. :

        I have a 2003 Camry. I bought this kit, watched the video, and installed it. Pretty much just like the video said, except for my car I needed to used the harness adapter that was supplied with the kit. The installation was seamless, just like the video said.

        Now I have an Aux jack for my phone and I am a happy camper! Thank you GTA!!!

      2. :

        “Researched the web, and found your site, as well as some reviews.
        I used FM transmitter in the past. Reception is inconsistent, trying to find the “right” signal while driving is a major headache, depending on what part of the country you are in, and what local stations have high power. Also signal drift was an issue.

        The shipping was very fast – got the kit in a few days.

        The installation was extremely easy. I was uncomfortable about taking apart the dash, having never done it. The video gave me the confidence to do it, and it was flawless. Every step of the way. I needed to buy a 5′ ratchet extension. Didn’t need the magnet, and a small flat-bladed screwdriver worked fine as a clip removal tool. It took longer to string the cable (because of the drilling) than it did to pull the radio and install the control unit! Ran the cables into the accessory bin just under the radio/air quality control panel. Again, the video was very helpful in terms of how to remove this part of the dash so that I could run the cables.

        I really like being able to control the tracks from the radio/CD changer console.

        Overall I got a very good deal. Other kits were available, but they required another adaptor to fit the Iphone. And that would be extra cost. Your kit was fully stocked with everything you need – really was plug and play.

        We are thrilled with this device.”

      3. :

        “Found you through Google search. Your website was informative and well made.

        I considered several different kits. I chose the GTA Cat Kit because ALL of the other kits would have required me to purchase separate parts and assemble it all myself. I also liked the interface that your kit uses on my stereo’s screen. That and the fact that your kit was the best value — To buy the parts I would have needed to get both an aux port and an ipod port (that allows me to operate and charge the ipod) I would have needed to spend about $50 more, at least.

        The installation took me about twenty minutes start to finish. I used a real thin flat blade screw driver to pop the paneling off. The panel tool is the only thing I didn’t have, but it isn’t hard to use a screwdriver to do the same thing if you are careful. The videos were incredibly helpful. Its not hard to take all the stuff off, but I wouldn’t have guessed where some of the screws were to do so.

        I use an old ipod video currently and my Droid X cellphone. The other driver whose car I installed a kit in uses an iPhone and an iPod classic. On the 2006 Camry, I ran the cables up through the flat tray spot to the left of the shifter.

        From shipping, to installation, to satisfaction, to customer service — I’ve been completely satisfied. Would and have recommended your kit to people who want to install ipod or aux ports.

        Great value. Great product. A+! I highly recommend it.”

      4. :

        “After trying all of the FM converters, cassette tape 3.5′s, and so on, I had given up hope of ever having a 3.5/iPhone/iPod connection on my stock radio. I wanted to keep the originality intact on my 2002 Camry LE. It only has 35,000 miles on it and I simply did not want an aftermarket radio installed. After finding your YourTube video online, I watched it intently and decided that you must have a great product by all of the positive reviews that are posted. Like I said, I watched it intently, about 5 times. Very informative.

        I then went to your website and placed an order for the unit. Free shipping too! After the order was placed on December 28, 2011, it arrived at my house on January 3, 2012. Bear in mind�that included the Christmas and New Year weekend. I’m very satisfied with the shipping. Excellent packaging too.

        Now for the installation. While I consider myself a can-do person, I had never taken a radio out of a vehicle. To be honest, I was a little apprehensive about it, but I made the decision to dive into it head first. It went flawlessly. The radio was exactly as the video described, and connections were easy and effortless. I took the advice of your video installer and checked the unit BEFORE I re-installed the radio. It worked perfectly.

        I then removed the covers for the console/gearshift and ran the two wires. Once again�easy and effortless. Looks like it came from the factory. COMPLETE installation time start to finish—-53 minutes. To say that I am a happy and satisfied customer would be an understatement.

        Keep up the great work, and thanks for having a quality product.”

      5. :

        ” I was searching the web for a device to add an auxiliary port to my factory car stereo when I came across on YouTube an installation video for the GTA Car Kit for my exact car and stereo.

        I’ve tried FM transmitters. My vehicle model was one of the last to have a factory cassette, so I’ve also tried a 3.5 mm stereo jack to cassette converter. FM transmitters picked up too much noise interference in the Los Angeles area and cassette converters are very hard to find. Both had degraded sound quality.

        The installation was very easy: I followed most of the steps on the video. The installation took about 1 hour, and most time was spent testing the audio and deciding how best to run and conceal AUX and iPod cables. I already had a plastic screwdriver-like device to remove the panels, and no other tools were required. The video clearly revealed the port where the GTA Car Kit would connect, so I was able to plug in the GTA Car Kit to my stereo by reaching behind the stereo. I did not have to remove the stereo or the bolts holding the stereo to the console.

        I alternate between an Android phone and a iPhone. The AUX and iPod cables exit along the driver’s edge of the center console; I did not want to nor did I have to drill holes or alter factory parts to install the GTA Car Kit. The installation is complete reversible if I choose to remove it.

        It added an AUX port to my car, which did not already have one. But unlike today’s cars with AUX port, it has a iPod connector that allows the radio to control the iPhone play list from the stereo.

        The GTA Car Kit is slightly more expensive than other competitors, but the kit comes with everything promised – the right port connections and audio cables, comes quickly, and adds iPod control features. The GTA Car Kit is a better value for my money, and I do recommend the GTA Car Kit over the competition to my friends.”

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