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  • I have owned both tht v1 and v2 of this product, and I absolutely love v2. I am using wireless android auto on a 2019 q50, and almost every issue from v1 has been fixed. The installation is still somewhat involved, but the YouTube video does a great job showing exactly what you need to do (my install took about 1.5 hours). When you turn the car on it boots into Android auto on its own after a few seconds. The resolution seems to be improved from v1, as well as overall system responsiveness. Audio quality is top notch and does not have the annoying 2 second delay that the q50 built in Bluetooth audio has. Backup camera works perfectly and even lowers the audio a bit while reversing. Steering wheel controls still work (albeit the skip direction is reversed from stock). The only issue I have is that you still need to use Infiniti’s built in Bluetooth for phone calls which means that when you place a call there will be a period of 30 seconds once the other person picks up in which they cannot hear you because Android auto needs to hand off to the car’s Bluetooth. The customer service is stellar and they go above and beyond to work out any issues you have with the unit.

    - John M
  • I recently purchased a 2017 Infiniti QX60. Love the car, but knew it didn’t have Apple CarPlay. I reviewed several options to add it and decided on the GTA kit. I’m so glad I did. The installation was straight-forward, using their YouTube instructional video. It took me about 90 minutes. It can seem a little daunting, but it was surprisingly easy.

    The functionality is seamless. The original Infiniti system is completely as it was and switching between that and CarPlay mode couldn’t be easier. I can use my touch screen and/or directional knob to control all CarPlay functions. It even switches into camera mode when I shift into reverse, and then right back to CarPlay mode. Voice commands are also flawless. My car and phone are one. Love it. My phone automatically syncs every time I start the car. I can’t recommend this system enough. The components, cabling, and hardware are very high quality. If you’re considering adding CarPlay to your vehicle, give this system some serious consideration. You won’t be disappointed. Very impressive. Thank you!

    - Scott
  • This is quite a neich product as only early Model GLEs didnt come with CarPlay / AndroidAuto (I think 2017ish onwards came with it) so I REALLY appriciate GTA Car Kits offering this product. Anyone with an early model GLE needs to get this. I now get Google Maps (where I live has changed considerably in the last 8 years and the Mercedens maps where woefully out of date, not to mention expensive to get updated at the dealer) and all the features of CarPlay in a seamless way using the onboard controls.

    I had an installation issue where I plugged the audio into the wrong input (I put it in “MIC: next to the USB rather than the “AUX” on the power side) and after emailing GTA Car Kits they got back to be right away explaining what I had done wrong. Swapped it over and it worked perfectly. Installation required some patients and some smart cable managment and routing as its a tight fit, but it does fit and the installation video guide was perfect. 100% purchase the installation tools as you’ll need it to ensure you dont damage any of the trim for the install.

    - Alan Dell
  • I purchased a GTA Wireless CarPlay kit for my 2017 Mercedes Benz C300. Prior to the purchase, I reviewed several other purchase sites, watched numerous YouTube installation videos and felt the most comfort with the GTA Kits. I purchased the necessary tools from Amazon (please watch the installation video to see what tools you need and how to use them). It took me about 2 hours, but I was able to do the installation myself. I would suggest you find a way to label the numerous power and auxiliary cables you must disconnect under the Mercedes control panel you remove to do the installation. I used multi-color stickers to mark the wires and the connection points they came from.

    Once I did the installation, I could see Apple CarPlay, but did not have audio nor my Sirus XM satellite radio. I emailed GTA and Vitaliy sent me another video, which was extremely helpful. Apparently, I had not transferred the fiber optics cable from the Mercedes harness to the Car Kit harness. Once I corrected that error, I had audio and Sirius XM and the Car Kit works like a charm, I am so pleased with my Apple CarPlay and the functionality of the Car Kit.

    I recently contacted Vitaliy regarding an issue I had with answering calls using my Mercedes call buttons and function. Vitaliy sent me instructions on setting I needed to make on my iPhone, and I have not had any issues since.

    I would highly recommend this product not only because of the quality, appearance, and functionality but more importantly. because of customer support.

    Great product.

    - Robert Smith
  • I installed the CarPlay kit in my 2017 S63 Coupe. It was exactly as the video showed. A pretty easy job. I ran into an issue where I plugged my audio output into the mic. I contacted GTA and they had my answer in less than an hour. These guys are great to deal with and knowledgeable. The kit is high quality.

    - Justin DiBlasio
  • I’m so glad I added the GTA CarPlay to my 2012 ML 350. Now I’ll hold unto my car for several more years! GTA now includes step by step programming instructions which should be followed carefully. The video tutorial is helpful but I gave up trying to fish the USB connection through the side panel and opted to drill a hole through the HVAC housing to the cubby below where it stores nicely. I also found that placing the CarPlay unit beneath the HVAC controls gives you plenty of space to reinstall the controls. I’m mechanically inclined but this install still took about two hours.

    - Gregory Roman
  • Installed this in my wife’s GL and following the instructions it was up and running in about 30 minutes. The most difficult part was positioning the harness just right to slide the head unit back in. Once that was done it connected up with my iPhone and worked without issue. One button (the back button) to switch between the stock interface and CarPlay. Only time I really need to is when I want to list to a local radio station or turn on the seat massage. I’m now trying to figure out if I need to keep the satellite radio service. Going to get one for my car now. I did purchase the tool kit and it is well worth it. No issues removing trim and even releasing some of the connectors.

    - LSNerd
  • This kit is fantastic! It’s easy to assemble, and the instructional YouTube video is a helpful touch. The GTA kit team is incredibly supportive, providing excellent customer service. I’m very pleased with my purchase and highly recommend it.

    - Moses Lahtaw
  • Installed in 2014 911 Turbo. Entire process was easy and spot on. Placed the order on a Saturday evening and received the shipment on Tuesday or Wednesday. Popped open the above video tutorial, followed step by step and everything fired right up with one glitch that I had no audio sound. I sent off an email to at 1:24pm on a SATURDAY and literally 2 minutes later at 1:26 had a reply with a solution and video to the issue. Easy fix. Followed the new instructions and all works perfectly. Buttoned up the install and loving the new tech. I took my time, and the entire install was under 4 hours start to finish. For the price if you don’t have one grab a trim kit (I did) … makes the job easy and nice to have.

    - Randy B.
  • Just a guy trying to appease his wife. Took a chance purchasing one of these kits as it appeared to be one of the better alternatives, and would save about $1k over having it done by Cartoys or some similar outfit. Installation was pretty straight-forward. The kit worked but there was interference on the screen making it difficult to use. At this point I thought I was hosed – this ain’t Costco and I’m not sure a small business is owner is just gonna take my word for it that the product didn’t work (it’s often user error in that scenario) and then send me another at no cost to myself – these aren’t cheap. Well, they sent me a new kit. I just had to explain the situation and what I’d done to troubleshoot. I installed it and it worked perfect. Very happy with the product and impressed with the customer service. Would definitely recommend.

    - Tanner Hensley