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  • I love the stock radio in my 2010 FJ Cruiser and there is absolutely it sounds excellent. I had no reason to change it other than needing Bluetooth capability. Came across one of these kits and installed it in 30 minutes. It works flawlessly and I love it.

    THANKS you for the great kit and the great video!

    - Mike Vail
  • I got this running in like an hour and I am no expert on cable splicing and sound systems at all. Just review the video carefully and for the most sensitive part (which is the cable tapping splicing etc) simply use this method: Do get a cable peeler and good electric tape. No need to solder. The sound quality is amazing in my Murano and the phone bluetooth sound is also amazing. It is a great way of upgrading yuor car’s sound system. Totally recommended!

    - Fermin Castro Alonso
  • Fantastic kit, easy to install, worked immediately.

    - Richard
  • The head unit is very good, I’ve been using it for about 6 months and I haven’t had any issues.

    - Alex
  • The Bluetooth kit for this car is AMAZING. I managed to install it without popping the actual radio out (I could fit my hands under and behind the radio to push the port into place) and was so excited when it connected.
    I have been using an FM transmitter for years and am thrilled I never have to near static again.
    I have to admit I was skeptical how well it would work, but I honestly couldn’t recommend a product more. Thank you!

    - Danielle
  • I received the Pure Bluetooth kit for Toyota and Lexus – 2 Gen. I have installed the unit last month in our 2007 Lexus IS250 with navigation that has a 6 cd changer.

    Installation was straight forward and was a breeze after watching their installation video. After a few days heard some beeping while music is playing and emailed customer service. Not only Maurizio responded immediately he also helped on diagnosing and gave solution. I’m a Service Engineer myself so I truly appreciate it when I’m treated the way I treat all my clients. Thanks Maurizio!!!

    You folks have a good product and now top it off with great customer service! Very happy client here. A++++++

    - Nowell Emano
  • I ordered the full Bluetooth kit + the panel toolkit for my 2009 Pilot. My 16year old daughter and I installed this in about an hour, the video tutorial is excellent. The product also works well, connects to bluetooth quickly, the sound quality of the voice audio is great. Really nice upgrade to the Pilot for ~$100.

    - Jeff King
  • I ordered a car kit from you earlier this year and just wanted to send some feedback.

    Firstly, a big thank you for creating videos showing the installation process; I had previously installed a kit from another supplier (which failed), and couldn’t remember all the steps required to take the radio section of my car out. The next big plus is the fact that your cable detaches from the unit itself, so if the cable fails, it can be easily replaced; that was the reason I had to replace the kit I originally had, the cable was moulded into the unit, and so there was no way to replace it.

    The unit works great, the sound quality and volume are superb. The only issue I had was the supplied audio cable. Upon install, I only had audio coming from one channel. I thought perhaps the case I had on my phone was stopping the jack from plugging in completely, however I tested the cable on another audio source, and it to had the same issue. The internal wire was most likely defective upon manufacture, which is understandable, given that the cable feels lightweight. I purchased a replacement M-M audio cable and it has been working great ever since. As a customer, I wouldn’t be adverse to spending a couple extra dollars if I know the cable will work straight out of the box.

    Thanks again for great product!



    - Leigh
  • Thank GTA awesome product loved it + they had the best customer service. Thank you guys very much. Very easy to instal on my 2005 TSX.

    - Best Bluetooth
  • Overall, a great product, great service. Would highly recommend to anyone. Dec.2019

    - E.T