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  • Worth the money and the wait. Not GTA Car Kits fault for the slow delivery. USPS is just slow. Back to the point. I have a 2004 TSX, second owner, low mileage, immaculate. Missing the current tech for blue tooth. This unit solved that problem and now my wife is not as mad at me for me buing an older car. The install was very simple, the music is clear, and the hands free phone capability is safe and works beautifully. Extremely satisfied and their customer service was TOP NOTCH!

    - Matt Savage
  • Have this found on website tried it and works well for me the option of bluetooth I highly recommend this helps a lot specially on handsfree on phone and works well on my audio. I can play all my music using the bluetooth from my phone.

    - Dexter
  • Following the installation video (which is easy to follow) the installation took me 30 mins. Once I installed the Bluetooth kit and tested it, I was surprised how clear the sound was and easy to work.
    I highly recommend this product

    - Dave Feingersh
  • Great experience as well. Installed myself on my 2019 Q60. Customer support is top notch and very prompt. I highly recommend.

    - Ovi
  • Overall, this is a good purchase at a good price when compared to the cost of installing an aftermarket stereo.
    – The sound quality is good
    – The phone quality is good on both ends of the call
    – No ambient buzzing noise like you get from bluetooth-to-aux or bluetooth-to-radio adapters
    – You get to keep the stock stereo
    – Nearly invisible install if you opt to not install the aux and charging cable portions (the only visible part in my Prius is the mic which is tucked away in the corner of my windshield)
    – The install process is pretty simple even without experience (see installation tips below)

    – It is quiet compared to my previous bluetooth-to-aux setup. A volume of 20 on my previous setup is equivalent to a volume of 40 with the kit. Overall, it can still get very loud but there is not as much room to increase volume as my ’06 Prius maxes out at a volume of 55.
    – It comes with a worryingly thin, fragile and short male-to-male aux cable. If this cable were to break, you would have to pull apart your whole dash again in order to replace it. I’d like to see this replaced with a more sturdy male-to-female aux cable so that if your aux cable breaks you can simply unplug from the exposed female end and plug in a new aux cable.
    – It does not come with any USB cable for the charging port. While this port is marketed as an optional install, the aux is also technically optional yet an aux cable is included. I think a sturdy male-to-female USB3 cable would be a great addition to the kit.
    – The install video glosses over some more minor details, and occasionally has bad angles. For example, when removing pieces such as the MFD it would have been nice to see where the host was grabbing the MFD to pull it. Another example would be with the mic which does not have a clip on it in the video. After a bit of messing around, I realized that the clip that comes on the mic is detachable but the video does not cover this.

    Installation tips:
    – Make sure you get a trim removal kit, trying to use a flathead screwdriver for trim removal will end badly.
    – The vents are pretty fragile and don’t come off as easily as the video makes it look. I had the best luck starting on the with my removal tool on left side of the vent and moving right.
    – If your Prius has a factory aux port, you do not need to install the aux from the kit. The factory aux port continues to work even after the kit is installed.
    – When placing the car kit behind the stereo, be sure the mic cable is not touching the radio antenna. If they are touching, you will get crosstalk between the two wires and your phone calls will have radio playing in the background. I placed my kit with the mic input facing up and this seemed to do the trick.
    – Make sure you test all the functionality you want to use *before* putting your dash back together.

    - Eric
  • In May 2021 I purchased the GTA ipod kit for my 2006 Lexus SC430. Several installers could not locate a compatible kit, but I continued the search the internet and found the GTA kit. I had a professional install the kit and it has enabled me to play my ipod tunes with the original equipment radio – steering wheel controls work as well. The service at GTA was awesome and I so much appreciate their support and the ability for me to increase the joy of driving the SC. Thank you GTA— keep up the awesome work!

    - Greg Moore
  • Works as described on my 2018 AWD 3.0 Q60 Luxe. Customer service is also top notch as email queries were answered promptly.

    - B
  • Ok just would like to share my experience with this install. Item was purchased from GTA car kits in Canada and shipped to me in Miami and then to the Caribbean.
    Firstly if you have no background in electronics or even “digging up” you should not attempt this alone.
    Pay close attention to the way the ribbons should face as this was my issue that cause me to get no steering controls initially. I got to the point of wanting to return but saw a video from “auto amateur” where he mentioned the importance of placement.
    Also if your running a system that has optical you need to switch the wires to this harness.
    It was a very unsettling install knowing very well that I would be voiding my PCM warranty.
    But all in all I LOVE it.
    Word to the wise, don’t expect any privacy as all passengers will now see who is calling you 😔. I am yet to figure out wats app and viber. I think it’s an issue with my iPhone being locked I am unable to read my messages. Customer service was also excellent.

    - Benjamin
  • I bought this for my 05 Prius and I couldn’t be happier!

    I followed the video and it was easy to install. I cursed at the video once I realized that it didn’t show how to put everything back together again


    It was pretty easy to put it all back together. Steering wheel controls work, which is a BONUS! I also recommend the tool kit if you don’t already have any plastic pry bars.

    I tested it before putting it all back together and it works great!

    - Brian in Denver
  • I have a 2008 Lexus RX400h. I found this kit via a Google search and may I say this is amazing. The kit was very inexpensive compared to other products. I was able to install it myself within 30 minutes. The quality of streaming music from my phone is really great and the Bluetooth calling is hands-down so much better than the Lexus stock for this 2008 year. If you’re looking for a great Bluetooth device that sounds amazing, this is your product!

    - Tim Shortt