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  • I bought this unit, it arrived in 2 weeks, customer support is very good, every time you have qny question they are always ready to help and the most important thing is the unit fitted perfectly and works very well.

    - Pedro Silva
  • Love my GTA 10.1” flush mount stereo in my 2015 Jeep Wrangler. What a drastic upgrade from the standard OEM stereo. I also purchased the backup camera…how nice it is to be able to see behind your Jeep. I am constantly discovering new features on this stereo. One day I accidentally tapped the button behind my steering wheel and next thing I know music videos are playing on the screen. Didn’t know it even had that. One thing I did when I stalling the backup camera is I bought a back up light jumper cable for $30 from Quadratec that allowed simple plug and play for the camera to the backup light rather than cutting into the vehicles factory wire as the install video shows. I was initially disappointed in the fit of the dash portion over my instrument panel but when I co tatted them I got a rapid response with a quick fix that was perfect and it now looks factory installed. There was 1 peg that did not line up with the slot and removing that peg allowed it to sit flush. I had 1 issue with my iPhone CarPlay dropping off and again they quickly responded with instructions how to update the software and again that fixed my issue. I only wish that it came with a manual for how all the features work and everything you can do with it. I feel like I have just barely scratched the surface of its capabilities. Love it!

    - Larry Londer
  • Fits perfectly and runs fast! highly recommend

    - Johnny
  • Fits perfectly and runs fast!

    - Darren
  • Good headunit and works great!

    - Josh lee
  • This was super easy to install. I was so impressed. I have never done anything like this before and was very nervous to proceed. The video gave me the confidence I needed and now I feel like I can open my own custom shop. What a great product. So easy to use and install. If you know how to use an Android tablet or phone then this is exactly the same interface. If you are used to apple products, with a little “playing around” with the interface, you will be a pro. The Apple CarPlay works awesome and seamless. Make sure you allow the CarPlay app to have access to the microphone in the app settings. I connected to my home WiFi when I set it up and then used my phone as a hotspot. Youtube works, streaming movies work. It is so cool I can’t say enough. The price is perfect and all the reviews I read about similar products that cost more, were suspect. I highly recommend this as a must have and it has a low learning curve to install. Buy the panel kit GTA sells as it make it way easier to install and give you the confidence not to break anything. I cheated a bit and saved myself some time by buying new dash clips on Amazon so I didn’t have to take the other ones off. Running the cables for the mic and Satellite were the hardest things to do, but not that hard. Just some learning curve. I couldn’t get the A-frame clip off so I used the GTA tool kit to move things around a bit and was able to slide the cable in place pretty easy without removing it. Just watch the video and you will be good to go. I installed the Sat antennae on the window so running that cable was very easy to tuck in behind the molding. I am not sure I am going to connect the Sat radio yet. I have the Sirius XM app and you can use that either on your phone through CarPlay or use the hotspot on my phone and just use the Head Unit to download the SiriusXM app and sign in with your account. The possibilities are endless. Haven’t connected and jump drives with movies yet, but will probably work on that next. That is one thing I have never done. Can’t imagine it is hard. Anyhow, I hope this gives you the confidence to do this on your own. Highly recommend this. You will love it.

    - Scott R.
  • Installed Pure Bluetooth w/AUX in a 2010 Accord EX-L. Chose this kit over the USA-SPEC because it appeared to be a much simpler installation. Pretty pleased with it so far. Shipping was very fast and the installation and first use went pretty smooth like in the video with only a couple of minor hiccups.

    – There are a total of four screws that hold the stereo unit in place, not just the two shown in he video. However, this may be a difference between US and Canadian models.

    – The empty port this unit is supposed to plug into was already filled. Fortunately, the kit included a combiner harness that allowed me to connect two services to the port.

    – Phone paired up very easy. But on first start-up, no bluetooth audio was being played. Reached out to GTA via Facebook and their tech support answered me in about 30 minutes – not too bad for a Saturday. Don’t know if their advice would have worked or not, because it started working as it was supposed to without me doing anything special. Have to give them credit for answering the bell though!

    Overall, I’m really happy with the clean install that this provided. Nice sound quality. Could use some improved support documentation on the website, but it is still a good product to add some modern functionality on a budget. Definitely recommended.

    - Pete Stelter
  • Great Install Video. So good, I bought the product. Install was as easy as it looks in the video. Bluetooth sound was CD quality. Even the microphone sounds great over phone calls! It doesn’t sound like you are in a tunnel like most aftermarket products. I really like that it can connect two phones at the same time. I did find that I already had something plugged into the harness port that this product is supposed to use, but everything functions just fine with it unplugged and the bluetooth adapter in its place. I believe it was wiring to control a rear CD changer which we don’t have, but comes in the touring model. My wife loves it since we didn’t have to switch out the whole radio and learn all new controls. The fact that it integrates with the steering wheel controls is Awesome! Great Product!

    - Joe Bell
  • Not only was the shipping very quick (less than a week to get to switzerland), i am very happy with the Pure Bluetooth Kit for my Lexus IS250 as i never found anything that works and/or had to be charged every once in a while.
    This was very easy to install & works perfect! I’d even call it a “Plug and play”.
    Very satisfied Customer!

    Only drawback is that it seems like the bass isn’t as powerful as the stock aux input. But the difference is very small. It’s expected to have some sort of degredation with an aftermarket add-on. But not bothered by it as it’s barely noticeable. Keep it up!

    - Jason
  • Fairly easy install. Sound is far superior to the entune jbl stereo it replaced. You can install your own backgrounds. You-tube music works very well, as well as blue tooth from iPhone and terrestrial radio. Many apps to play with and learn. Didn’t get the carplay dongle, but find all the adroid apps ample for my needs. Screen has great resolution, too!

    - Jimmy H.