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  • We installed Sirius in a RX350 using the gateway. I did it myself, (the installation).
    It was quite easy and very straightforward. The hardest part was routing the cable for the antenna.

    - Bryan
  • Great product that does everything I wanted. So glad to have found this solution. Installation video on YouTube was great except for some ambiguity about a 10 mm bolt that secures the radio. I spent lots of time trying to find it only to find that it had already been removed by a previous owner or mechanic. Seems to be really well engineered and thought out. Highly recommended !

    - Steve
  • I bought this kit and the bluetooth module for my 2003 Mazda Protege5 over a year ago. Installation was incredibly easy and only required a simple tool to remove the head unit. It has worked flawlessly ever since and I have really enjoyed using it. It is definitely worth the money and is more convenient than replacing the entire stereo. It is really easy to use and still uses the stock radio. Thanks GTA Car Kits for the great addition to my vehicle!

    - Nathan C.
  • Just installed the kit on my Prius 2011 Videos were really easy to follow. My kit arrived well within allocated time should thank GTA Car Kits for the excellent customer service. Now i can play music on my phone and get the crystal clear sound i always wanted. Thanks GTA Car Kit!

    - Tom
  • Eventhough I didn’t purchase product from a company directly stuff were helpful and knowledgeable about their product and my issue was resolved. Maurizio thank you again for your help and support.

    - Alexander
  • So very excited right now.

    I did build in an android tablet inside my RX8 in place of the original navigation display.

    With your kit this change has become ultimate.

    Thanks a perfect instruction manual i did manage the montage in 30 minutes and it works like a charm.

    All the tablet sound is corretly sended to the Bose headunit in the car.

    Using the Neutron music player app and it is supported to change song with the knobs on the steering wheel. Works even with Youtube! 🙂

    Calling handsfree works like a charm too.

    That all by a bluetooth connection.

    You guys make me happy!

    - Roman Mischa
  • I came into this 2007 Avalon as a family gift. Eleven years old and 35,000 miles. It still has that new car smell. Installation was a snap. I wanted to go for complete functionality, so hiding the unit under the center console was not what I had in mind. I chose to mount the unit in the smaller (front) box in the center console.

    I removed the aft center console (two screws in the front and two 12 mm bolts in the bottom of the large (back) box. You must first remove the “felt” (cardboard) panel from the bottom – nothing but gravity holds it in. Pull the whole thing back, then up and out. Now it is easy to drill a 1/2 inch hole in the front middle of the bottom and then open it up with a file to accommodate the connector (that goes into the back of the head unit) plus the microphone plug. Two more 1/4 inch holes can be drilled in the front of the box in order to fasten the unit with a zip tie. Double stick tape could work also, but the adhesive gives out over time. Use scissors to cut a notch out of the felt-like panel that goes in the bottom of the box.

    I had wanted to put everything in the aft box, but the wires aren’t long enough.

    Works great.

    Maybe more functionality will be available in future versions (firmware upgrade?)

    - Chris Slaymaker
  • – installed in 2004 Acura TSX without navigation, followed the video – took 10 mins
    – bluetooth connection is quick and sound is clear
    – AUX – finally figured out when playing from cd changer, you need to press CD and then “6” button (scan?) to switch t

    - Ken
  • My son bought me the Pure Bluetooth unit for my ’57 (Late 2007) plate, UK Mazda MX-5. It is simple to fit with even basic knowledge, if you follow the YouTube video. However, it is a less complex installation on the the UK Right Hand Drive version for the following reasons.
    1. There is no metal bracket under the steering column to remove.
    2. There is no 10mm bolt retaining the combined Bose Radio and HVAC control.

    Also I found it possible to install the microphone without removing the door weather strip, by just popping the side panel and hinging it outwards and releasing the ‘A’- Pillar panel. I also put the blue tooth unit in the glovebox and will attach it with double sided sticky pads, so that I can insert the AUX and Lighting cables only when needed.

    Overall I enjoyed the installation process. Gives you a sense of achievement, especially when you discover the fantastic sound reproduction. And the telephone is really clear. So happy with this unit; what a great solution.

    - Lobbers63
  • I recently bought the Pure Bluetooth kit for my Mazda 3 (2004) on and it works perfectly! Just like that. No fuss or other issues. Installation took a little longer than expected, but once it was done, it worked like a charm.

    If my next car doesn’t have Bluetooth by default, this will be the first place I’ll look for a Bluetooth car kit.

    - Steffen Kemme, Netherlands