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  • I installed this product in my 2004 Lexus ES330 and it has exceeded my expectations. It produces crystal clear sound and the factory radio controls still work perfectly. This unit is superior to other products currently on the market.

    Installation was very easy and the technical support from GTA Car Kits was excellent. I would highly recommend this business!

    - Andrew Kerr
  • It came early and was so easy to install. My 11 year old son and I watched the video twice and then installed the unit together in about 45 minutes. While we ran the mic up the driver’s side pillar, we also ran the usb phone charging cable to that side because that is where I put my car phone mount. My son’s small fingers came in handy to run the wires, if I didn’t have him I would have just used needle nose pliers.

    - Mark
  • I purchased the Pure Bluetooth version of the car kit for my 2006 Mazda 6 and have used it nearly every day for the past 2 years and it has been very reliable.

    It seemed a little expensive to me at first, but this adds bluetooth capability to the stock radio and keeps the interior of the car looking nice and clean. And this works with the steering wheel controls which I would have lost if I had gone with an aftermarket stereo. I also appreciate the usb port that is included in the kit which allows me to charge my phone easily from there and hide the charging cable in my armrest instead of having to charge from the cigarette lighter.

    Overall I would give it a 10/10 if you are ok with the price.

    - Will Gregory
  • I just installed the Pure Bluetooth Kit in my 2000 Honda Accord. It paired with my iPhone 7s with no problem. The music plays, and is great! I stumbled on this product a last weekend, and received my order within five days. Installation was a breeze. I used a short cut from another YouTube video to install the plug on the back of the radio. I simply removed the panel which is below the radio and reach up inside to feel with my hand where the open male connector is. Once I bent the radio antenna wire to the side, it was easy enough to connect the female plug in place. Everything worked with no hassle. I am so grateful that I needed to leave this review. To anyone who is wondering if this will work for your Accord, may my positive experience be an encouragement to you. It is so much better than buying CDs, etc. All the best, Bruce from Minnesota

    - Bruce Williams
  • I ordered a bluetooth Kit for 2004 Toyota Solara. Until now, to use spotify, I have to use a unwieldy cassette (!!!) to aux cable to connect to my iPhone.

    This kit is absolutely perfect! Installation is a breeze if you follow their instruction videos correctly. The bluetooth hands free as well as music via iPhone was what I was sorely missing in this car, and was almost contemplating an upgrade to a newer car. But this mod helps me hold on to this otherwise mechanically perfect car.

    The sound clarity of music streaming through bluetooth is really good. My only regret is that I didn’t figure out this option sooner. This kit also comes along with an aux cable and an ability to charge your phone. A Well rounded kit which covers all the important needs!
    They have multiple videos on youtube for installation in different cars. I found their customer support to be great in helping me to get my kit.

    I would definitely recommend GTA Car Kits to my friends and family. Their cost is very reasonable for the benefits of hands free calling as well as streaming music through your phone.

    - Tilak
  • Just installed this in my 2004 Acura TSX with navigation. Followed the instructions per the video and it works great! Installation of the pure bluetooth unit was very simple, and took be just about 30 minutes. The most time consuming part is routing the microphone up the A-Pillar. I made a test call and they said I was very clear on the other end.

    The unit connects to my phone and plays spotify perfectly. Steering wheel controls work too. Also, it sounds great!

    10/10 would buy again. I hope this unit lasts long!

    - Jesse
  • Hi,

    I have a 2007 Honda Odyssey and I installed the GTA car kit for blue tooth. My son and I finished it within an hour at night, with only our cell phone flashlight.

    It was a breeze, and the reception is fantastic. The video provided was incredible. There was only one issue, when I removed the radio, there was no free port to connect the GTA car kit. I removed a cable to connect the GTA car kit. I believe that cable was for the AUX connection for the back seat, but I am not sure.

    Regardless I am very happy with the purchase.

    - Geethan Rayan
  • US version of 2008 rx 400h. I have GTA in another car – it’s been solid, and wanted same for this car that I just bought used last month. So… a couple of tips… the video is good. BUT, I lost 2 upper screws from radio. Got one back with a long narrow stick with duck-tape on thh end.. never found the other. I suggest maybe magnetize or put duck-take on teh end of the screws before taking them out. Also, the plastic piece with the heater control did not come out easily. The tab on one end broke — it went back on solidly, and seems okay when I drive. Other thing is that the under steering panel in the video in my car did not pull down – there are air-bags there, but I took my time and fished the mic wire up around other wires. Lastly, I suggest covering the bare screw on the shift knob with duck tape. The underside of my radio was scratched from the knob when it was resting on it when I was doing the wiring and retrieving the nut.

    Afterwards – I was really happy to have blue-tooth radio!!!

    - george
  • Very simple installation and works great.
    This is really a wonderful product for older vehicles that didn’t come with built in Bluetooth (2006).
    Much less expensive than new radio and keeps dash looking original.

    - Wm DeCesare
  • I have used both kits(wired and bluetooth) and I must say, they work very well. I installed the bluetooth version in my Prelude and before that I used the wired connection in my dearly departed 3s. The kits both worked so well that I cannot wait to purchase a BT version for my RX8. They all give good crisp sound and work flawlessly. I recommend these things to all kinds of people.

    - Zahmar