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  • awesome kit
    didn’t wire up the microphone cause it’s ugly, just set my calls to not go through bluetooth
    sound quality is better than cassette to aux
    installed in half an hour no big deal
    worth every penny thanks guys

    - Davis
  • All I have to say is that this unit is AMAZING!!!! I installed this on my 2016 Toyota Highlander XLE AWD. It took about 40mins to install and this is coming from someone that has NEVER done any panel removal in cars. I am still learning more about this unit and so far i am able to install and use a lot of apps i have on my phone. If anyone has any questions, feel free to email me.

    - Charles Enwesi
  • I will admit that I was a little skeptical on how great this head unit was going to be. I ordered the Flush 3 piece kit (it is worth the wait if out of stock) and was blown away at how great it fit and looks in my 2011 JK Rubicon Unlimited. Install was fairly easy but ran into an issue with hooking up my aftermarket backup cam (previously connected to the stock Uconnect 430N system using LockPick). Vitaliy at GTA worked with me and I was able to get it working great. They sent me this link at it all made sense:
    I asked them to put up the youtube link to wiring your cam on their webpage (like they have their other install & android operation videos) so hopefully that will make it to their webpage soon.
    I actually modified the install a little by splicing into the reverse light wire (pin 2 orange/peach colored wire from the head unit harness) to the reverse light wire on the passenger side rear of the Jeep (like in the video). He said white/gray but my wires were hard to see the gray wire and ended up splicing the wrong one at first so if you do, its the other white wire in the harness going down). This enabled the back up cam to pop up on my screen when I placed the Jeep in reverse (I have a manual 6 speed transmission). What I did differently from the instructions was to wire the camera power itself (red wire on my camera) to another power source (turns on only when Jeep is on) to provide constant power to the cam. By doing this it allowed me to scroll through the menu on the display to camera by selecting rear cam, I can see the backup cam while I’m driving. This is great when pulling a trailer or if you just want to see what is behind you when you are not in reverse. I have no issues with this setup. I can’t wait to install a front cam to see obstacles in front while I’m wheeling going up rocks that I won’t normally see at that angle. The only downside (and it really isn’t one) is that with my old uConnect setup I could toggle over to the rear cam by pressing the middle button on the right side behind the steering wheel. It does change modes from radio to music player to a blank screen which in the old uConnect displayed video but none here. I asked if this was possible but it seems that it isn’t an option. But again, no big deal as all of the other steering wheel controls work (volume, change station, etc). I haven’t had the unit for very long but so far, it has far exceeded my expectations for all of the things it can do. I have Amazon Prime video and youtube loaded but for some reason that version of Android isn’t compatible to download Netflix from the google play store. Otherwise it has all of the other android apps and the Android Auto part works great too for Waze, Spotify, Google maps, etc. There are other features on there that I haven’t tried yet like viewing movies or listening to music on a micro SD card. I have to say, BUY THIS if you are a Jeep owner and want to upgrade your old head unit. You will not regret it. I looked at other android capable head units for my Jeep and can’t really say much about those other than they are HUNDREDS of dollars more expensive and they did not have the big a screen with the flush factory look that this has.
    Pros: Big screen, flush factory look, android apps, ability to watch movies and listen to music without connecting your phone to it. Runs off wifi or can connect to your phone’s hotspot to access all those while driving down the road
    Cons: Other than the issue I mentioned on toggling to video on the steering wheel (which most of you may not even connect it the way I did for my use case), the only true con was the price of shipping. I thought this was going to come from Canada eh but it actually shipped from China. No offense to anyone in the logistics chain for the product but I did wait a couple days and actually sanitized the unit before I did the install to put my mind at ease. The box it came in was actually not as big as I expected for the price of shipping but it was packaged very well and nothing was damaged when I received it. Coming from China I expected the box to be all beat up with holes in the side but this came undamaged interior and exterior.
    I am very pleased with the purchase, the product, and the FANTASTIC customer support I received from Vitaliy & Maurizio at GTA Car Kits. Thanks guys! You have made me one happy owner of your product!

    - Mike G
  • Great product, all the right things – extra mic, and connection to car by mini jack, i hope to find it in Denmark

    - Poul-Erik Jensen
  • Hello.. Bought 2 Devices for both of my cars which happen to be the Lexus ES330. The first installation was a little slower because I had no idea what I was doing. It took approximately 1 hours. The second was a flash and had it installed listening to music in about 20 minutes. I just ordered the blue tooth option to connect to the AUX device because it would be great to have this completely wireless. Quick shipping and awesome crisp music. Nice job GTA. Thank you….

    - Jeff Gutkind
  • I am impressed.
    Very easy to install
    Best head unit ever!

    - Louie Ledesma
  • Very nice holder. Installation was a breeze and the phone sits in a perfect place relative to the stereo and doesn’t interfere with the passengers legroom. Great product that does exactly what it is supposed to do!

    - Tim Scanlon
  • This kit works great – automatically connects to bluetooth each time I start my car. Installation went flawlessly on my Lexus Gx470 SUV, thanks to a very nice tutorial on YouTube:

    I don’t have much experience doing DIY installations, kits, etc, but following the tutorial it took me about 30 minutes to do. Recommended for sure.

    - Trevor Edmunds
  • I bought this unit, it arrived in 2 weeks, customer support is very good, every time you have qny question they are always ready to help and the most important thing is the unit fitted perfectly and works very well.

    - Pedro Silva
  • Love my GTA 10.1” flush mount stereo in my 2015 Jeep Wrangler. What a drastic upgrade from the standard OEM stereo. I also purchased the backup camera…how nice it is to be able to see behind your Jeep. I am constantly discovering new features on this stereo. One day I accidentally tapped the button behind my steering wheel and next thing I know music videos are playing on the screen. Didn’t know it even had that. One thing I did when I stalling the backup camera is I bought a back up light jumper cable for $30 from Quadratec that allowed simple plug and play for the camera to the backup light rather than cutting into the vehicles factory wire as the install video shows. I was initially disappointed in the fit of the dash portion over my instrument panel but when I co tatted them I got a rapid response with a quick fix that was perfect and it now looks factory installed. There was 1 peg that did not line up with the slot and removing that peg allowed it to sit flush. I had 1 issue with my iPhone CarPlay dropping off and again they quickly responded with instructions how to update the software and again that fixed my issue. I only wish that it came with a manual for how all the features work and everything you can do with it. I feel like I have just barely scratched the surface of its capabilities. Love it!

    - Larry Londer