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  • very effective, works perfectly on my Lexus 450h 2006
    i was scared at first because i thought it’ill not be compatible with the European plugs, but it seems it was exactly the same showed on that youtube video tutorial so it was easy, be careful with the gear shift when you take out the dashboard i accidentally scratch one of the buttons. if you are looking for a bluetooth device then go ahead.

    - Basile
  • An excellent product. I searched high and low and this one definitely came out tops for me. I installed it into my 2002 Mazda Miata and at first I thought I was missing something … surely it could not just take me 5minutes? But it did and worked (and has since) perfectly. The mic is really good, even with the top down at 80mph it’s still audible on the other side of the line.

    My only regret is not having done it so much earlier. From the brief communication I had with their support they seem to really be on the ball, it was not an issue but still was quick, polite and professional!

    I highly recommend both the product and the company. Thanks for a very pleasant experience all round.

    - David Mulroney
  • I just installed the Pure Bluetooth kit in my 2006 Tacoma, replacing a CRUX basic Bluetooth kit. This kit blows it away! It sounds much better and is almost twice as loud and was easy to install.

    - Mike M.
  • This is a great kit. I received it yesterday and installed it this morning in my 2004 Highlander. It installed exactly as shown in the video. The only thing I did differently was to use heavy duty Velcro to attach the module to a metal dash support behind the radio. The kit works perfectly (sound quality is awesome) and I am very pleased. Thanks!

    - Dave
  • Installed this on my Toyota Prius 2004 with the JBL stereo. I was able to install it by just pulling out the small panel between the glovebox and the stereo then putting my hand between the stereo, the small white box that’s holding a bunch of cables, and the vent. You can just feel around with your hand behind the stereo to find the empty socket and plug it in blind.

    My only problem was that the car’s stereo did not immediately recognize the kit, but the customer supported suggested restarting the car a few times. I was skeptical at first, but a few tries later it actually worked!

    I’m very happy with the sound quality, and all the steering wheel controls work too.

    - Kaan Genc
  • Got the package yesterday and installed last night in an hour. The video was a great help to install and everything worked great. Bluetooth, aux and phone are successfully working. Wish I had of known about it years ago.


    - Colin Jackman
  • We installed Sirius in a RX350 using the gateway. I did it myself, (the installation).
    It was quite easy and very straightforward. The hardest part was routing the cable for the antenna.

    - Bryan
  • Great product that does everything I wanted. So glad to have found this solution. Installation video on YouTube was great except for some ambiguity about a 10 mm bolt that secures the radio. I spent lots of time trying to find it only to find that it had already been removed by a previous owner or mechanic. Seems to be really well engineered and thought out. Highly recommended !

    - Steve
  • I bought this kit and the bluetooth module for my 2003 Mazda Protege5 over a year ago. Installation was incredibly easy and only required a simple tool to remove the head unit. It has worked flawlessly ever since and I have really enjoyed using it. It is definitely worth the money and is more convenient than replacing the entire stereo. It is really easy to use and still uses the stock radio. Thanks GTA Car Kits for the great addition to my vehicle!

    - Nathan C.
  • Just installed the kit on my Prius 2011 Videos were really easy to follow. My kit arrived well within allocated time should thank GTA Car Kits for the excellent customer service. Now i can play music on my phone and get the crystal clear sound i always wanted. Thanks GTA Car Kit!

    - Tom