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  • Works flawlessly in the car. It resides side by side with the existing system so it’s an added functionality rather than forgoing the OEM system. Had some minor operator/installer issues (my fault) that was helped by GTA customer service to clarify. They stayed on the issue until it was all working great. Appreciate the support.

    - David
  • Installing this unit was one of the easiest installs I ever did. I watched the video several times to get comfortable with all the steps. I recommend following along step by step on your phone pausing, as you perform each step so you have the ability to verify each connection as you make it. One of my concerns was making sure I didn’t damage anything along the way and covering the dash with a soft detailing towel helped. All in all it was a very easy install. It is as easy as it looks.

    I couldn’t be happier with the unit.

    The unit works perfectly.

    - Brian Moore
  • Recently got an ’04 TSX. Ordered this kit to compensate for the lack of bluetooth, and it’s excellent! Only took about 30 minutes to install. The bluetooth streaming quality is excellent. There’s no distortion up at higher volumes. The microphone quality is also great, and I wired the mic right behind the steering wheel instead of up in the A pillar. I am a complete newbie when it comes to DIY car stuff, but following the install video made this super easy. Quick tip if you’re having trouble getting the harness cable into the head unit: you can use the magnifier app on your iPhone (or just your front facing camera) to view where the harness cable goes into the head unit. Overall, really happy with my purchase! Thanks GTA car kits!

    - Noah
  • I am very impressed with the quality of this product. I searched for weeks looking for the best way to add Apple CarPlay to my GLC300 and this was the only product I found that added CarPlay without disrupting any of the car’s original functionality. Everything installed and functioned exactly as shown in this video. The whole project took about an hour and I couldn’t be more pleased with the result. Thank you GTA Car Kits…..!

    - Glen Romanello
    2004 Toyota Prius Base (no navigation or JBL system)
    It took me about 10 mins to install, I only took off the glove box, plastic piece with the air vent on the right side and the bottom plastic piece where the charger is at. I didn’t want the aux or mic so I just squeezed my hand in there and plugged it into the back. It connects immediately which came to a surprise to me because it is aftermarket. It is also sounds very good, I was nervous about that because other people had problems with it not being loud enough. It is definitely worth the money and better than spending hundreds on a new stereo.

    - Ryan Garcia
  • Minus the time it takes you to fish the two top bolts on the radio, which will almost inevitably fall inside the console, it’s a 20 minutes install and gives you full functionality. No better way to bring your car into the future!!!

    - Fernando
  • I purchased the Pure Bluetooth kit after watching the installation video. While installing it was quite easy, I realized that the stereo on my ’04 Camry wasn’t switching into the expected mode, even though my phone connected to the Bluetooth module as expected. I contacted GTA Car Kits and I have been blown away by the high quality of their customer service. I returned the original kit and GTA shipped me a replacement, which turned out to have a different style of connector; when I emailed GTA they immediately sent me an adapter to fit my stereo port. After installing this, everything worked perfectly.

    Seriously, good customer service like this is hard to come by. I’m thrilled to be able to connect my phone to my car stereo without a clunky and barely functional FM transmitter. If you’re looking for a solution, look no further.

    - Max
  • The unit works wonderfully, HOWEVER!!!! It is very important not to follow exactly the instructions from the VIDEO first, which instructs you to disassemble the unit and THEN follow the steps for configuring the cars OEM video and Aux and GTA Carplay setup. The instructions packaged with the unit clearly indicates that the steps should be reversed, and the system setup instructions prior to disassembly (VERY IMPORTANT). As difficult as it is to push the wires back far enough with room for the head unit and AC controller, I had to dissemble the entire unit and start all over. Trust me, this was a ROYAL Pain in every part of my body and mind!!! GTA, while the video instructions are very helpful as far as showing how and where everything should go, it would be most helpful to make sure that the ORDER to follow them were accurate and precise. Other than that, the unit works wonderfully!

    - Hankster
  • This unit rocks! I installed in about 45 mins by following the video step by step. Wireless and wired CarPlay work perfectly and I am super excited to have it built in. This is a must have upgrade.

    - Jim
  • Great upgrade
    Easy to install
    Although difficult to push wires back in to lock needs a lot of maneuvering
    Please take a picture in engineering mode of your original settings Very Important

    - Gkh