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  • “Hello,
    I was online looking for a way to cut costs and install a more Permanent Ipod solution than the FM transmitter I’d been using for 5 years when I came across the YouTube video on how to install an Ipod AUX via GTA car kits.

    I did consider other car kits but the GTA seemed easy to install and was reasonably priced, considering the installer I called wanted $200 to install the AUX.

    The shipping took only 2 days which was great, and the installation took me about an hour but only because I’m not a mechanic and certainly not used to taking a dash apart. I probably could have done it in a half hour if I tried again! No extra tools were required I used the tape over screwdriver method, very concerned I might scratch the dash. I did have to tug a little more than expected to remove the top vent portion but after removing it I realized the clips are tight for a reason, it just felt like I was going to break something, I didn’t. The video was extremely helpful in installing the Ipod Kit as the gentleman talking and demonstrating was breaking the installation down to laymans terms which was perfect!

    I am using a traditional Apple Ipod but what is perfect is I’m considering getting an Iphone because it would stay charged without using the automobile charger receptacle! I drilled a quarter size hole in back using a large drill bit to allow the cords to come through.

    I like the quality of the GTA car kit the most of all the features about it! Definitely a good value I would recommend to a friend!”

    - Frank from Wolcott, CT, USA
  • “I could not be more pleased with the kit I ordered for my Honda Odyssey – from shipping to installation everything has worked perfectly.

    Thanks also for posting install videos!

    Jon from Little Rock, AR, USA”

    - Jon from Little Rock, AR, USA
  • I learned about GTA Car Kits from searching the Internet for a product to use in the car that would connect my iPod.
    I had previously purchased an fm transmitter but was disappointed with the sound quality.

    The product arrived 4 business days after I ordered it.

    Instillation was fairly easy, and took about 30 minutes. It did require some drilling, but the installation video was very helpful.

    I am using an iPhone 4, and ran the cable underneath the car radio.

    I like the ability to use the steering wheel controls to switch playlists and adjust the volume the best.

    I believe the GTA car kit is worth every penny and produces amazing quality sound. The Car Kit is also small and easy to store. I have already began recommending this product to my friends and family!

    Andrew from Wilmington, DE, USA

    - Andrew
  • I found your product on Youtube. I think I saw another product on Youtube but it looked a little cheap, so I picked you.

    The shipping was fine. Installation was very straightforward and was very quick. I bought a drill and a unibit to create the opening for the cables. The installation video on Youtube was great, very to-the-point; I thought it would be a lot more difficult to install something like this, but it was actually really easy to do.

    I use an Apple iPod (6th generation). I ran the cables through the top of the center cubby, pretty much like in the video.

    I am really happy to being able to get rid of my FM iPod transmitter which was awful in general but especially on long car trips when I had to change radio frequencies because I’d drive into an area where the frequency I was using was for some radio station and sometimes empty frequencies were hard to find. I really liked the instruction video. I also like how the iPod jack also charges the device while you use it.

    I’m really happy with the end result, and the installation was actually fun!

    - Ben from Danville, VA, USA
  • “I found your product through the Internet search. I picked your product because it was in Canada , and was available fast. The shipping was very good , fast delivery.

    For installation I didnt have to dismount the dash , i went thru the glove compatment , very easy and fast , took me 5 minutes. When i removed the glove compartment , i was able to run the wires on the inside. There is a place underneath the radio that i am using to put my Ipod

    I really like that I can advance to the next song with my steering wheel , and it stay at the same song when i power off , and also charging the unit. In fact I am recommending GTA Car Kit to my friends now.”

    - Sylvain from L'Assomption, Quebec, Canada
  • “Hey All,

    Just writing to say I recently installed your kit in an RX 330. Took about 30 minutes and it works good and sounds GREAT!!! Finally, no more FM modulator!!!! Those things are junk. What’s even better is having the charging and audio capability built into one device, so no more having to carry a separate charger. Plus, with the Aux jack, my non-iPhone/iPod friends can plug their stuff in too! Perfect. Should have bought this a long time ago.


    - JL
  • “I have received and installed my car kit.
    Your YouTube video demonstrating the install was spot on, and the email notifications on my shipment were great.
    It only took about an hour and a half to install and sounds and works great!

    I’m very satisfied with your product and would highly recommend it to anyone. Best of all, my wife is pleased with the results (she was not happy that I had to “take the car apart”), but it was simple to install and works as advertised.

    Thanks for such a great product!”

    - Paul from Tampa, FL, USA
  • “I found your company through Internet search. I already have an aux input in my car from the factory.

    The shipping was fast and easy.

    The installation was very easy. It took approx 15mins. No extra tools required. The video was very helpful to find out where the clips actually are that hold on the panels.

    I am using an iPhone 4S. I ran the cable up and through the AC vent. I really like to charge and play music through iPhone.

    I have only had one problem so far – when I turned on my car the music sounded as if it was a really static-y radio station, but I turned off the car and turned it back on and that fixed it for now.

    Overall it is an extremely good product for the price. I would definitely recommend it to a friend.”

    - Jeff from Los Angeles, CA, USA
  • “Just got this thing installed on my 2010 mazdaspeed3.
    It took around 1 hour. The hardest part is hiding the iPod cable underneath the center console. It was a little bit tricky when putting the head unit back to the slot, since there were whole bunch of wires, need to get them organized before I could put it back.

    Overall It works perfectly as it said. The sound is much clearer than Bluetooth streaming, and the steering control is still functional. The only problem is that the song’s title doesn’t show on the screen when it’s in manual mode.

    Update from GTA Car Kits: song title is supposed to work like this. It is limitation of apple products – when the iPod app is not locked, there is no way to sync the current song information with your stereo.”

    - Comment from lxa7 (YouTube user)
  • “Hey Guys,

    I just received and installed my GTA Car Kit. It works fantastic! Was a breeze to install and is literally plug and play.

    Thank you for making such an awesome product!


    - Doug from Novato, California, USA