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  • “Quickly shipped and using this video as a guide I did the install in an hour. Removal of the radio is reasonably easy with the right tools. The plug and play was easy – routing the connection was not too hard but took a chunk of the time.

    Very happy with the result and the functionality of this unit. Steering wheel controls work as before. Highly recommended.”

    - Comment from bsharkification (YouTube user)
  • “Found your product via web search. I already had FM transimitter and aftermarket line-in installed for my car, but I wasn’t happy about their quality, and using GTA car kit I get CD quality sound from my iPhone and get it charged at the same time.

    Received the kit in about a week, meets my expectation.

    Installation took about 15 minutes. It is a pleasant surprise that GTA car kit comes with the tool needed to take my stereo out, my previous car linein kit from another store didn’t and I had to order them. The installation video is super helpful and straightforward. The video is one of the key reasons I decided to order GTA car kit.

    iPhone 4S is used with GTA car kit. I run the cable through a small vent at the bottom of the glove box to the cup holder area. I really like the integration with stereo buttons.

    I use GTA Car Kit everyday with my iPhone. Good product and service, will definite recommend.”

    - Zhangwei from Redmond, WA, USA
  • “Google led me to a YouTube ‘how to install’ video about your product. Before that I considered purchasing and having professionally installed the iPod integration kit directly from Mazda.

    The shipping was impressive � 3 days. The installation was super easy and took less than an hour. No extra tools purchased. The GTA Car Kit installation video was EXTREMELY helpful. It brought added confidence that I could install the kit myself!

    I use iPod classic 80GB – Ran the iPod cables down the center console and into the center armrest.

    I really like seamless integration to factory audio system and easy install. Plug and play – no worries!

    I don’t have any negative comments and I am absolutely thrilled with your product! Keep doing what you’re doing.”

    - John from Kaysville, UT, USA
  • “I heard about GTA Car Kits from you tube, i was researching on how to remove my factory stereo and came upon GTA Car Kit. I knew immediately after seeing their video i had to have this product.

    I did try a different method for streaming my music from my iphone to my factory stereo but nothing came even close to the clear sound that GTA Car Kit provides. The option to change music from the steering wheel (if equipped) is very AWESOME.

    I was amazed on how fast i got my package. I ordered about two days before a holiday so i expected delays. Not the case i received it very, very quick.

    The installation was very simple. Watched a you tube video on how to install prior to receiving my package and didn’t need to review it once i did receive my GTA Car Kit. It took me maybe about 15 min in total installation. I did not need to purchase any extra tools just zip ties to secure some cables. ( i like all my cords to be hidden)

    I am currently using a iphone 4 with my GTA Car Kit. Love how they clearly showed and explained that it was compatible with all sort of apple devices. i did not use the AUX cable, I ran the ipod cables under the driver side dash and ran it to my cradle holding my phone mounted by the flashers of the vehicle. There was plenty of cable provided with this device. GOTTA LOVE THAT!!!

    The best features i love about the GTA Car Kit would have to be that it charges my device @ the same time while playing music. Also I also love how the music continues from where you stopped playing the song for example, Turning off the vehicle, disconnecting the device, etc.

    Honestly i do not have any negative response for this product. I did my money worth. I have shown and suggested this product to many friends and two of them have already ordered this product.”

    - Miguel from Fort Garland, CO, USA
  • “I found GTA Car Kit by searching on google about the sienna aux for my car.

    I did compared the price a little and it seemed right. Your install video convince me.

    Shipping was fast like it should, my ipod touch wasn’t arrived yet when i received the kit.

    Installation took about an hour, very easy with the video hints. It did help a lot.

    I’m using Iphone touch 4g. I put everything in the lower/lowest compartment so i can hide it completely when the car is parked.

    With GTA Car Kit I have steering wheel stereo commands. So the fact that it uses the ipod as a stock oem cd changer which i can control on the stereing is what i like the most. GTA Car Kit has good value, but I would not have paid more. And yes – i would recommend it to friends.”

    - Christian from Sainte-Anne-des-Plaines, Quebec, Canada
  • “I too have a 2005 rx330 with cassette. I made an guess on my install and it works great.

    The Video has a differnt configuration where he detaches the smaller center plug and hooks everything up to the Y harness. Your radio will have two bigger plugs that need to stay plugged in, forget using the Y harness. Your radio will have an unused small opening that the module harness can plug into.

    It is all super easy to do, I agree that the video was AWESOME!”

    - Chris from Minnesota
  • “Hey guys! I got my kits in the mail yesterday, installed one in my Odyssey today in less than 20 minutes and it works great!

    I’ll be installing the one for my wife’s Accord tomorrow. Thanks for the great product!! Oh the holder kicks butt too!!”

    - Keith from Londonderry, New Hampshire (comment received on Facebook wall)
  • “I thought about just adding AUX adapter for my Honda Odyssey, but then found GTA Car Kit that also is able to control Iphone through the stereo/steering wheel.

    Shipping took less than a week. Awesome.

    Installation was very simple. The video on the website is for non-NAV unit. Once you get the headunit out, the hardest part is trying to figure out where you want to hide the kit.

    I love the fact that I can control via steering wheel. It’s a clean install and the kit is awesome. I would definitely recommend this to everyone. It is absolutely the best.

    I also purchased car holder – it is ok. It does what it states.”

    - Jason from Warrington, PA, USA
  • “I installed the GTA car kit in 30 minutes for a 2007 Honda Pilot with navigation. No extra tools. I cannot express how helpful the video was if not for that I seriously doubt I would have tried to do this myself.
    The only problem – trim panels came off a little harder than video showed but maybe your technician has done many hundreds more.

    iPod installation ran cable into glove box – it was for my daughter’s car and she loves it.

    I feel the price was right and I would highly recommend your products to others.”

    - Dan from Centerville, MN, USA
  • “I’ve used cassette and fm solutions and the sound quality is just horrible. My car stereo did not have an AUX-in.

    The shipping was 3 or 4 days. Great.

    The video (2001 – 2005 rav4 video) did not quite match my car (2001 Rav4) but it was still helpful. I thought installation was going to be harder than it actually was. My car had 4 allen screws holding the panel around the stereo in place (no clips) so it was quite easy.

    I use iPhone 4 & 3GS. I ziptied the gta cables & adapter behind the stereo and ran the ipod/iphone cable into the heating duct (there was a small opening in the duct, covered with a strip of insulation that I pushed it through) and then out the center vent above the stereo.

    I really like Seamless integration with the car stereo, perfect audio quality, plug and play! Your system sounds 4x better, is sturdier, looks better, will last longer, and was only slightly more than the $90 *POS* fm transmitter i last tried. Perhaps you need more advertising – I did not know there was anything like your kits for many years or I would have bought one sooner.”

    - Jon from Portland, OR, USA