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  • “I’ve used cassette and fm solutions and the sound quality is just horrible. My car stereo did not have an AUX-in.

    The shipping was 3 or 4 days. Great.

    The video (2001 – 2005 rav4 video) did not quite match my car (2001 Rav4) but it was still helpful. I thought installation was going to be harder than it actually was. My car had 4 allen screws holding the panel around the stereo in place (no clips) so it was quite easy.

    I use iPhone 4 & 3GS. I ziptied the gta cables & adapter behind the stereo and ran the ipod/iphone cable into the heating duct (there was a small opening in the duct, covered with a strip of insulation that I pushed it through) and then out the center vent above the stereo.

    I really like Seamless integration with the car stereo, perfect audio quality, plug and play! Your system sounds 4x better, is sturdier, looks better, will last longer, and was only slightly more than the $90 *POS* fm transmitter i last tried. Perhaps you need more advertising – I did not know there was anything like your kits for many years or I would have bought one sooner.”

    - Jon from Portland, OR, USA
  • I love you. I watched the video on how to install the car kit like 4 times, got the car kit in 2 DAYS, and had it hooked up within 10 minutes.

    I couldnt ask for it to have gone any better. I was super skeptical about this but decided to give it a shot, and i wasnt let down. …

    Still shoked on this, this kit is 30-40 dollars cheaper than the other kits that offer the same control and it still does the job beautifully…

    I have 2005 accord. I just layed the converter box to the side and ran the cables through a hole I drilled on top of the center pocket.

    - Anthony (comment received on Facebook wall)
  • “I considered buying original Honda kit from the dealership, but the GTA reviews were really good.

    The shipping was really fast. I had my kit in only 3 days from the order.

    The GTA video made it a snap. I did not have to buy any extra tools and had the installation, testing and clean up done in under 30 minutes.

    We use both an iPod and a HTC incredible phone. I really like the iPod controls working from the steering column and the fact that it charges the iPod as well. GTA Car Kit is the best value, I found anywhere. I would totally recommend this to someone else and plan on buying another for my Honda Ridgeline.”

    - Chad from Salt Lake City, Utah, USA
  • I had researched ways to connect an iPod to a relatives car stereo that had no Aux input. I found that GTA car kits had good reviews and were considerably cheaper than those at Best Buy. Shipping was fast, installation was easy and the product worked just as described.

    I recently bought a new car without an iPod input and decided to get a GTA Car Kit since I had a good experience. Since the GTA Car Kit was only about $100, it was also considerably cheaper than adding an iPod input as an option on my car. Once again, shipping was fast, the product was very simple to install and works perfectly.

    The installation only took about 30 minutes and only needed a screw driver. The device simply plugs into the back of the stereo. I checked out the video, which was very thorough, but didn’t even need it considering how easy it was.

    I connect my iPod nano to my car. I like how I can either use the iPod or the car’s stereo controls to control my music depending on the iPod. I have no negative comments about shipping, installation, or the product. I couldn’t be happier with my purchase.

    I would definitely recommend these products.

    - Douglas from West Chester, PA, USA
  • “Before purchasing GTA Car Kit I tried an FM transmitter and returned it due to poor quality of audio.

    Shipping from GTA Car kits was very fast – received the kit in three days.

    The installation was easy. I viewed the video before I purchased the kit and it drove my purchase decision. I viewed it again when installing to make sure I was following all of the steps. I was able to install in 30 minutes. I purchased a small nail puller to remove the radio bezel from the car, although I could have done with a small screwdriver.

    I am using an old iPod Nano, and iPhone 3GS. Both work great. I ran the iPod cable out the bezel below the aux power port below the radio so the iPod is easily accessible while driving. I will probably move it to the glove box.

    I like how easy GTA Car Kit integrates into the factory radio, plus it charges the iPod.

    I have already recommended this product to my friends. This is a good value.”

    - Michael from Camarillo, California, USA
  • “I used FM transmitter that had static and low volume, heard the GTA car kit in my friends car and it was clear.

    Shipping was 2 days.

    The install was very easy, took no more than 15minutes, watching the video from my iPhone step by step during install.

    I’m using an iPhone4 in my Mazda3, and for now cables just run down the side of the console, will consider passing through ashtray at a later date. I like easy install and use of my steering wheel controls. I would recommend your kit to my friends.”

    - Nick from Cote St.Luc, Quebec, Canada
  • I have tried an fm transmitter and was discouraged, after I kept searching for a better alternative, I finally came across GTA CAR KIT.

    Shipping was right on time, although I had to wait through the weekend!!

    The installation was so simple, it took more time opening up the box that the kit came in than actually hooking up the whole kit!! The video installation on youtube was the whole selling point for me! I did not buy any extra tools, and the video was extremely helpful!

    I am using an Iphone 3gS and the cables are tucked away nicely behind the center storage under the radio, I drilled a hole in the back of the storage bin so the actual adapter that the cables plug into is not seen. VERY CLEAN THIS WAY!

    I like the ability to charge my phone, and also it picks up right where it left off… However the best features of the kit I like most are the product itself being a TRUE “PLUG-N-PLAY” SYSTEM. The cord that connects to my phone is super long making the phone totally maneuverable!!!


    - Aaron from Cape Coral, FL, USA
  • ” I found your website through google. I did look at other types of products. I chose GTA Car Kits because the website was a lot more informative than ANY other website.

    I ordered on 7/9/11 at 12:30am and received it on 16/9/11 at 10:30am. It took 8 days and 10 hours from ordering online to moment of delivery from GTA Car Kits in Chicago Illinois USA to Brisbane Queensland Australia.

    Installation was VERY EASY. For my Mazda 6, it took longer to take it out of the box and reading the instructions than to actually install it. It was as simple as taking out the glove box and and plugging the adapter into the back of the stereo. And running the cable to where i wanted it. No i didn’t have to buy any additional tools. yes the installation video was helpful. It was one of the reasons I purchased this product.

    I use iPhone 3GS. (Australian cars are right hand drive) I ran the cables through the back of the stereo, under the steering wheel and up to the right of the steering wheel where my iPhone holder sits.

    I would and did recommend GTA Car Kits to my friends.”

    - Sean from Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
  • “I found you by searching for ‘Ipod car adapters’ in google. I did consider other solutions but found them to be too expensive. Once I found your kit for $99 and watched the video showing me that I could install it I was sold.

    The installation took about 2 hours because the video and my car didn’t exactly match up so I had to figure some things out on my own. No extra tools were needed and yes the video was very helpful. Without the video I would not have been able to pull this off.

    I am using a 160gb Ipod Classic with the kit. The wires are running through one of the black access panels near the cup holders.

    I don’t mean to sound sarcastic but my favorite feature is really just that fact that I can play my Ipod through my car stereo.”

    - Josh from Brentwood, MO, USA
  • ” I was searching the web for a device to add an auxiliary port to my factory car stereo when I came across on YouTube an installation video for the GTA Car Kit for my exact car and stereo.

    I’ve tried FM transmitters. My vehicle model was one of the last to have a factory cassette, so I’ve also tried a 3.5 mm stereo jack to cassette converter. FM transmitters picked up too much noise interference in the Los Angeles area and cassette converters are very hard to find. Both had degraded sound quality.

    The installation was very easy: I followed most of the steps on the video. The installation took about 1 hour, and most time was spent testing the audio and deciding how best to run and conceal AUX and iPod cables. I already had a plastic screwdriver-like device to remove the panels, and no other tools were required. The video clearly revealed the port where the GTA Car Kit would connect, so I was able to plug in the GTA Car Kit to my stereo by reaching behind the stereo. I did not have to remove the stereo or the bolts holding the stereo to the console.

    I alternate between an Android phone and a iPhone. The AUX and iPod cables exit along the driver’s edge of the center console; I did not want to nor did I have to drill holes or alter factory parts to install the GTA Car Kit. The installation is complete reversible if I choose to remove it.

    It added an AUX port to my car, which did not already have one. But unlike today’s cars with AUX port, it has a iPod connector that allows the radio to control the iPhone play list from the stereo.

    The GTA Car Kit is slightly more expensive than other competitors, but the kit comes with everything promised – the right port connections and audio cables, comes quickly, and adds iPod control features. The GTA Car Kit is a better value for my money, and I do recommend the GTA Car Kit over the competition to my friends.”

    - Ed from Monrovia, California, USA