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  • ” I was searching the web for a device to add an auxiliary port to my factory car stereo when I came across on YouTube an installation video for the GTA Car Kit for my exact car and stereo.

    I’ve tried FM transmitters. My vehicle model was one of the last to have a factory cassette, so I’ve also tried a 3.5 mm stereo jack to cassette converter. FM transmitters picked up too much noise interference in the Los Angeles area and cassette converters are very hard to find. Both had degraded sound quality.

    The installation was very easy: I followed most of the steps on the video. The installation took about 1 hour, and most time was spent testing the audio and deciding how best to run and conceal AUX and iPod cables. I already had a plastic screwdriver-like device to remove the panels, and no other tools were required. The video clearly revealed the port where the GTA Car Kit would connect, so I was able to plug in the GTA Car Kit to my stereo by reaching behind the stereo. I did not have to remove the stereo or the bolts holding the stereo to the console.

    I alternate between an Android phone and a iPhone. The AUX and iPod cables exit along the driver’s edge of the center console; I did not want to nor did I have to drill holes or alter factory parts to install the GTA Car Kit. The installation is complete reversible if I choose to remove it.

    It added an AUX port to my car, which did not already have one. But unlike today’s cars with AUX port, it has a iPod connector that allows the radio to control the iPhone play list from the stereo.

    The GTA Car Kit is slightly more expensive than other competitors, but the kit comes with everything promised – the right port connections and audio cables, comes quickly, and adds iPod control features. The GTA Car Kit is a better value for my money, and I do recommend the GTA Car Kit over the competition to my friends.”

    - Ed from Monrovia, California, USA
  • Great Buy! got it last week and took some time emailing to make sure everything was all good and you guys were a great help!

    Awesome kit. same price as multiple parts for JUST an aux. and even better with sound quality and set up. It was so good I found this page just to write a review.

    Very Very satisfied!! THANK YOU GTA CAR KITS!

    - Albert (comment received on Facebook wall)
  • ” ALOHA!

    Thank You very much for a great product.

    I placed my order for my wife 2008 Lexus RX 350 with navigation last 8/26/11 and just got it yesterday 8/29/11 in the afternoon. I may say the S&H is very fast despite the fact that I am here in Maui, Hawaii. I also like the FREE S&H. All of the company I search online charge almost the price of the item they are selling.

    Installion is like walking in the park. I followed the instruction that you guys posted on your website and walla! I installed the GTA CarKit for less than an hour. My wife and I have both iPhone4 and both work. I tried my daughter’s ipod, too. It’s like plug and play. I run the cable on the glove compartment. Oh! well I just need to buy the phone holder, my bad on that. The sound quality is so amazing.

    I will definitely spread the words to my family and friends and co-workers. I hope they put their trust to your product as i put my trust.”

    - Jeslie from Maui, Hawaii, USA
  • ” I found GTA car kits on Google Search. I tried an FM transmitter that I purchased at the Apple store. I returned it less then 24 hours later. The quality was so poor I couldn’t believe that Apple would actually sell the product.

    Shipping was fast. It only took a few days. The installation was very easy. I don’t know anything about installation and the video proved to be very handy. I watched it a few times and then I was ready to go. It took a total of 30 minutes to install the GTA Car Kit.

    I am using an iPhone4. I ran the AUX and iPhone cable down through the ash try. It was very easy to feed through.

    The sound quality is amazing. I love that its just plug and play!

    It is a great value for the money and I would definitely recommend to my friends.”

    - Eric from Old Bridge, NJ, USA
  • Hi there. I just installed the car kit an a honda accord 2003 with navigation system and it works really good.

    I had some problems when I started the installation.. the connector for the new cable was’t there, so I look and look and it was to my left side of the radio (white)hanging right there in a harness loop. I checked the shape of it and it was the right one. It was the male side and I order the extra Y cable for navigation system the female side.

    All I can said is that it works better than one in Best Buy. I had the one from Best Buy and that one connects to your antenna so you will lose some of your radio stations..

    Have a good day!!

    - Pablo from Virginia Beach, VA, USA
  • ” I found your installation video browsing Youtube. I already have an aux plug in my car built in but needed something safer while driving.

    The shipping time was reasonable. Installation was fairly easy. Took me about 15 – 20 min. I had to buy a telescoping magnet and borrow the trim removal tool from a friend. And video helped.

    I use Ipod touch 2nd Generation and Iphone 4. My favorite feature is being able to control play back with my stereo controls.

    The kit was worth the money and i would recommend it to my friends.”

    - Tony from Altoona, Pennsylvania, USA
  • “Hi GTA Car Kits,

    I found out about GTA Car Kits while searching online for an after-market product that provided iPod/AUX support and would integrate with my existing (Lexus RX) vehicle audio system.
    I had tried a middle-of-the-road FM Transmitter, but the audio quality is extremely poor. When I saw what GTA Car Kits offered, it looked much more appropriate for what I wanted.

    The shipping surprised me how fast I received my kit. I was expecting at least two or three days of waiting, but it was delivered within a day.

    I did watch the video several times and it did seem to be a very straight-forward installation. The video was very accurate when it came to the steps needed to get access to my audio system. The actual connectors the GTA Car Kit provides are very good. I do have to thank the video for the tip of having a small magnetic extension tool as I did need to use it several times when I dropped the screws into very tight area. It probably took me about 2 hours in total, with more than half of that spent running the cables into my glovebox and putting things back together. Unfortunately the video does not prepare you for that part. It took me some time to figure out how I could run the cables to get them into my glovebox area. When I finally found a way to get my glovebox to open much further I could finish things much quicker.

    I am using an iPod Touch 3rd Generation and I really appreciate being able to control my iPod via the actual audio system controls or with the audio controls on my steering wheel. Things work just as they were advertised in the video.

    This is an excellent product at a great price and delivers an excellent solution for an after-market product. Great work GTA. I would direct all of my friends or family towards this car kit if I heard they were looking for a similar solution.

    Again, thanks for creating this solution for mine and many other vehicles.”

    - Jerry from Scarborough, Ontario, Canada
  • “I found GTA Car Kit on google after searching for how to remove my cd deck from the dash.
    I considered other iPod/AUX integration solution but it doesn’t seem that any other company makes one for a 2004 Nissan Murano.

    Shipping took 5 days or so.

    The video was extremely helpful! The installation took about 30 minutes, and was really quite a breeze. I use Iphone 4 and I ran iPod cable through a hole I drilled by the light under the deck.

    I really like the song memory, and the ability to use the steering wheel buttons. Overall it is a good product.”

    - Sam from Carlsbad, New Mexico, USA
  • “Hi guys!! Today, I have received the Mazda3’s GTA Car Kit.
    It’s an amazing product, easy to install, the sound is great and everything is working correctly.
    Just to tell you that the iPad2 is working as well.

    Thank you, great job!”
    (comment received on Facebook wall)

    - Javier from Mardid, Spain
  • ” I found GTA car kits on Youtube for Mazda3 car installations. I didn’t try any FM transmitters before because I heard they were junk.

    I was very pleased with the time that it took to arrive. Extremely easy installation. I followed the GTA video and had no trouble at all. I ran the cables as instructed in the video.

    I’m using the iphone 3 for my device. Love the ability to still use my steering wheel function. I was very worried about that.

    I feel I received a great item for the money.”

    - Jason from McKinney, Texas, USA