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  • “Hi there,

    Just wanted to say that I received my car kit (for Toyota Yaris in Australia) in the mail today and it’s brilliant!

    Took me only 20 mins to install and the youtube video made it so easy! I’m not particularly handy but had no problems following the video.

    Great product and a fantastic alternative to buying a whole new stereo!

    I can’t sing your praises enough! Thanks!”

    - Lexi from Australia
  • “Hi,I just wanted to let you know that I purchased the car kit for my 2008 Honda Fit, and it works perfectly.

    I purchased the unit to hook in my Sirius radio and the aux plug sync’d into my radio with out a problem. Also my Ipod is connected and I can switch between the two with out a problem.

    I just want to thank you for the video you have posted on the removal of the radio. I would have never figured it out with out the video. The installation went smoothly.

    Again thanks for making a terrific product.”

    - Kenneth from New Jersey, USA
  • “I found GTA Car Kits recommended on a car forum. I had an FM transmitter before, but it sounded terrible, and the cradle kept falling over whenever I went around a corner.

    Shipping time was about what I would expect for an international shipment.

    Installation was quite simple thanks to the comprehensive video. No extra tools were requried and it only took me about 10 minutes.

    I use iPhone 4S with the cable running to the centre console.

    I like that GTA Car Kit sounds better than FM transmitters, it allows control via the cars stereo controls (on the steering wheel) and that it also charges my phone.

    Overall it’s pretty damn good product!


    - Michael from Queensland, Australia
  • Hi GTA Car Kits,

    finally got around to installing this car kit. my 4runner was a pain in the butt to get the factory stereo out but after a morning it was all done. im very satisfied so far with your product. Seems to work well with my iphone4s and the sound quality is as good as the factory system can reproduce.

    my wife is happy…which of course means that im happy.

    thanks again

    - Ed from London, Ontario, Canada
  • “Hello,

    I wanted to thank you for a very high quality product! It was easy to install, I was worried about “taking the dash apart” but it was easy! It works as promised, I wish I had done it years ago.

    Thanks again.
    (owner of 2006 Honda Pilot EXL without nav)”

    - Les from Florida, USA
  • “Just installed the GTA kit on a 2005 pruis with Nav. Bluetooth, JBL audio and CD changer. I could not be happier with the install.

    I did an Audiovox Media Bridge install a month ago on my partners Honda Accord Hybrid and I think the overall design of the GTA kit is better, it is smaller and the connectors are of a higher quality.

    Great Job!”
    (comment received on Facebook wall)

    - Sam from Rhode Island, USA
  • “Hi GTA Car Kits..

    Just installed the kit:-) I managed to install it without removing a lot of parts . Only the passenger lower glove box and the right vent. :-).

    Its amazing . Sound quality is perfect , charge my iPhone 4S and my Nano 6th gen.

    Thanks a lot again ..”
    (comment received on Facebook wall)

    - Shadi
  • “I came accross your kit while browsing for an cd/mp3/ipod head unit for my wife’s car.
    I absolutely hate static, and fm transmitters are the worst. My wife’s Corolla came with a 6 disk in dash tuner and your kit still works flawless for her.

    Shipping was very Reasonable. A few days and i had it ready to install.

    Installation was EXTREMELY EASY, getting the required tools from the garage (phillips screw driver, 10mm socket and magnet) as well as putting them away took no more than 20 minutes. Your youtube video was helpful, I watched it while my wife was on her 10 min drive home from work and i was done before she decided what she wanted for dinner.

    We both use our iphone 4s. Cables are routed through the back of the upper dash compartment so the cable can be put out of site when not in the car. GTA Car Kit features that I like the most – ease of installation, how well it integrates the ipod and how easy it is to use.

    GTA Car KIt provides excellent value. i already recommend these kits to my friends and ordered 2 more for my mother and mother in law.”

    - Alex from Virginia Beach, VA, USA
  • “I just finished converting my massive cd collection to iTunes and wanted to be able to use my iPod in my car.

    I own a 2004 Toyota Echo hatchback and didn’t want to upgrade my stereo since there’s really no good place to put speakers in the rear and the factory system is decent. I saw your car kit online and thought I’d take a chance.

    It arrived today and I was able to install it in about twenty minutes…plus another ten minutes while I delightedly bounced around to various songs.

    No special tools, just a screwdriver, and I was all set. I ran the cable from the deck through to my glovebox so the unit can “hide” from would-be thieves.

    Great kit, easy to install and a reasonable price.


    - Chris from Edmonton, AB, CANADA
  • “Watched youtube videos about installing iPod cable. Then I realized it was from a shop.

    I had an FM emitter for almost 2 years, results were terrible. With sound clarity from a cable, there was no doubt it was the best choice. If I knew earlier it was that easy to install a cable… I would never had used anything else.

    Shipping was lightning fast.

    GTA car kits video are an absolute necessity because of many models. We watched video for 10 minutes, then it took 10 minutes to do the job without any tool.

    I use iPod classic. For the cable we drilled down an hole at the bottom.

    I really like cristal clear sound (no interference) and controlling iPod with Factory radio.

    100$ for something you can only find at higher prices – yes, I got great value for my money. Should never had bought an fm transmitter.


    - Fred, Quebec, Canada