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  • “I found GTA Car Kit on google after searching for how to remove my cd deck from the dash.
    I considered other iPod/AUX integration solution but it doesn’t seem that any other company makes one for a 2004 Nissan Murano.

    Shipping took 5 days or so.

    The video was extremely helpful! The installation took about 30 minutes, and was really quite a breeze. I use Iphone 4 and I ran iPod cable through a hole I drilled by the light under the deck.

    I really like the song memory, and the ability to use the steering wheel buttons. Overall it is a good product.”

    - Sam from Carlsbad, New Mexico, USA
  • “Hi guys!! Today, I have received the Mazda3’s GTA Car Kit.
    It’s an amazing product, easy to install, the sound is great and everything is working correctly.
    Just to tell you that the iPad2 is working as well.

    Thank you, great job!”
    (comment received on Facebook wall)

    - Javier from Mardid, Spain
  • ” I found GTA car kits on Youtube for Mazda3 car installations. I didn’t try any FM transmitters before because I heard they were junk.

    I was very pleased with the time that it took to arrive. Extremely easy installation. I followed the GTA video and had no trouble at all. I ran the cables as instructed in the video.

    I’m using the iphone 3 for my device. Love the ability to still use my steering wheel function. I was very worried about that.

    I feel I received a great item for the money.”

    - Jason from McKinney, Texas, USA
  • “The aux jack on my Camry was broken, so I searched on Youtube for Toyota Camry AUX and found your website. I chose GTA because it was easy to install because you showed me how to install it on the video.

    The shipping was 3 days. Installation was pretty easy. It took me about an hour and half, longer than it should have, since I didn’t route the wires correctly. I ran the cable through the aux jack hole. I really like the integration with Camry controls and ability to change songs.

    I would recommend GTA Car Kit especially given that the aux replacement part on the Toyota cost more money than this product, and I get more functionality with this product.”

    - Michael from Boothwyn, Pennsylvania, USA
  • firstly i say thanks to GTA CAR KIT.
    I found your product by watching video on you tube gta car kit for honda civic 2006.
    i did try aux wire for ipod before GTA Car kit that i bought from Best Buy, but when i installed aux was working separately from stereo power and radio fm stop working after install that aux wire.

    shipping was on accurate time, i receive shippment after order within 6 days.
    actually i didnt install GTA Car Kit my self , because previous aux cable install from best buy technician, i have to remove them from those guys & return to best buy & they will install my new gta car kit, they took only 35 minutes to install gta kit

    i am using iphone & android tablet working fantastic radio fm working very well its look like factory made, i install like that the both cable aux & iphone are detachable, when i need cable fr iphone i put in jack after use i remove this. gta jack fit on empty space use less space under down the stereo. i am very satisfied with gta car kit it is awesome

    i already recommend this product to my all friend

    - Tajwinder from Surrey, BC, Canada
  • “I found your product on Youtube/Google search.

    I chose the GTA Car Kit after trying a lot of other options. I tried 3 different FM transmitters and it just became a hassle always trying to find a “free” station to play my music on and especially when you like to listen to your music loud, hearing static every couple of seconds gave me headaches.

    I also thought about getting a car deck to replace the factory car stereo but that would have costed me too much, especially if i included installation charges, (also the possibility of my car getting broken into and having the deck stolen).
    Therefore I chose the GTA Car Kit and I am also very happy with the product, the sound quality is clear 24/7 and it sits nicely in the dash board where it cannot be seen. The fact that I can control my ipod audio straight from my factory stereo just makes the product even better.

    Shipping took 3 days.

    Installation was alright, which is important considering I have no experience in installing anything else besides pouring the window washer fluid. The video was extremely helpful though. I did need a couple extra tools but I was able to borrow them off my friend.

    I am using my iPod touch on it and my friends ipods and iphones as well. I ran it into the dashboard where i leave my ipod plugged into.

    I would recommend GTA Car Kit to my friends.”

    - Mathee from Brampton, Ontario, Canada
  • “My review of the GTA Car Kit (Ipod/Itouch/MP3 player) – my contribution to this forum.

    I am truly pleased with my purchase of the GTA Car Kit. In fact, WOW!!! The Ipod/MP3 player is user friendly in many ways. This is the best unit I have seen on the market. After many weeks of research, I made the decision. It is by far the most impressive system available. The price is reasonable and it well worth the cost. I will not bore you with all the details. I will list some selling points that were important to me.

    The GTA unit is very small and easy to install. There is a YouTube video explaining the entire process. The process took me 20 minutes to install and I did not need a professional to mount it. I took my time and concentrated on the installation. It helped to watch the video multiple times. A long medium sized screwdriver and a wedge tool to get the front stereo panel off is required. The module was quick to install and the process was exactly as in the video. It is literally a snap in place installation. There is no soldering or wire cutting and no need to disconnect the car battery.

    The module comes with two wires that either can connect to the Ipod. One cable can connects to the bottom of the Ipod. This charges the Ipod when the engine is running. It keeps the Ipod battery from dying on long trips. The other connector is a 3.5mm that connects to the top of the Ipod if charging is not required. This is a long enough cable so back seat occupants can select and interact with the Ipod. I appreciate that the manufacturer provided a long cable. Some sellers do not provide this cable or it is very short.

    Interacting and playing music via GTA Car Kit is not difficult at all. You can use the radio head unit to select and change songs. It is very simple to understand and it does not limit you to a preset number of playlist. Be aware many mp3 players that restrict the number of playable playlist.

    Here is why I am extremely happy with this unit:
    – Plug and play ? connect your Ipod and play songs immediately. Some units take awhile to categorize to start to play.
    – Use the ipod cable or 3.5mm cable is up to you.
    – Supports my second gen and latest Itouch 32Gb unit without issues or restrictions
    The song starts again where I left off even after a week of not playing music. In other words, if I turn off the car at song 101, and I come back three days later, it starts where I left off. I have a DICE unit on my BMW that starts at the same first song even if I return four hours later. Imagine turning on the car and the same song plays every time?at the beginning?
    – I am happiest most with how I can continue to interact with the Ipod while it is plugged into the Ipod cable. To do this, plug in the Ipod and leave stereo setting on D1. I am able to use the Ipod to select song as it continues to charge. I can see the songs and playlist on the Ipod screen. It is fully interactive. Unlike my DICE unit, I cannot interact with the Ipod. As such, I cannot see the songs or playlist.
    – Music sounds phenomenal – There are no whirling or whizzing noises when the music is playing.
    – Response time is awesome – songs start immediately when the stereo on.
    – RDM button – pick a playlist and the GTA module with randomize the songs within the playlist…truly awesome.

    GTA Car Kits also sells an optional adjustable universal car holder. My advice is for you to get one. The holder is strong and it connects securely onto the air vent. The designers did a great job. It firmly holds the Ipod where it is visible and easy to use. There are cushions on the side to keep it from scratching the Ipod when it is in the holder. To clamp the Ipod onto the holder, just squeeze the sides of the holder. Push a button at the rear of the holder, which is easily accessible, to release grip. I like how the Ipod cable fits snuggly at the base of the holder. It does not interfere with the holder. Hurray to the designer of the holder. By the way, I use it to hold my Blackberry phone at times too.
    I hope this helps you in deciding what Ipod/mp3 player to purchase. I truly understand how difficult this process can be. Needless to say, I am pleased to give GTA Car Kits my business and my hard-earned dollars. I am confident GTA Car Kit will continue to be successful with their product and business.”

    Review from Honda Odyssey Club forum

    - Ariel from California, USA
  • “This is awesome! I just bought one for my Honda Odyssey, the package arrived just a couple of days.

    I followed the instructions (except I drilled on the passenger side instead, since the box will be that side anyway and just to simplify) and was able to install it right away with no problems or what so ever.

    The best part of this, the product works. You forgot to mention that we can control the iPod from the steering wheel controls. That’s the first thing I checked and it did.

    Thanks guys!!!”

    - Comment from CustomGirdles (YouTube user)
  • amazing kit i got it just this afternoon like an eager kid and actually installed it in 10 mins . given that i removed the parts the night before .
    amazing quality and sound that it produces CD quality and its very simple and compact….. i highly recommend it.

    oh one thing get yourself a magnet cuz it took me almost an hour to put the last 2 screw back in cuz it? kept falling on me …but the GTA car kit for the accord is highly recommended wonderful product.

    - glade2126 (YouTube user)
  • ” It’s a terrific product. I intalled the GTA Car Kit on my 2008 Toyota Corolla and it works great, just as advertised.

    The sound commimg from the car stereo is fantastic. The video guide that shows how to install the car kit was a big help. I would recommend this product no problem.”

    (comment received on Facebook wall)

    - Tom from Vancouver, Canada