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  • Hi,

    Just wanted to let you know that your product is fantastic. It does what it is supposed to. I really like the hybrid mode. The YouTube video is really helpful too. I installed the kit in 30 minutes on my Accord 2006 and I’m enjoying the music from my iPhone4 in the car.

    I will recommend this product to my friends.


    - Mathieu from Montreal
  • “Hi gtacarkits,

    I already have factory AUX output in my Camry, but I was not completely happy with it. I already have your kit on my Honda Odyssey 2005. And I noticed that when I am driving Camry and listening to my iPhone with regular AUX, I miss small but important features like automatic charging, ability to switch songs from the steering wheel, automatic pause when I turn off the radio and song numbers.

    So, I purchased Camry kit and very happy with it. Your installation videos are awesome and it was really easy to do.

    I also purchased your perfect car holder and installed it on the passenger side vents. Very convenient accessory as my iPhone became real GPS (I use free MapQuest app).
    My daughter thinks that I am cool ;).

    Thanks a bunch!

    Update: I ran the ipod cable through the passenger vents and I think it is much cleaner solution because there is no hanging cables anymore. “

    - Paolo D. from Texas, USA
  • “Just got my GTA kit for my 06 Mazda and I am very impressed. I had tried another brand and could not get it to work. Found you on the Internet and since I am local I had my kit in 20 minute.

    When I mentioned I had trouble with the other unit the rep from GTA stayed with me while I hooked it up just to make sure that it worked with no trouble.

    The unit worked as advertised and I will recommend your company to everyone.

    Thanks for the great service”

    - Vic from Concord, Canada
  • “Thanks for your video. I followed your instructions precisely and they worked beautiful for me.

    I was worried about the electrical wiring, but it took me only 10 minutes to do that part. I disconnected the battery, located yellow/red wires and used knife with electrical tape to complete the job.
    Once connected, it worked exactly like in your video. The sound was not very loud as in fm mode, but still acceptable.

    Thanks again”

    - Patrice from Quebec, Canada
  • “Tried few FM transmitters in the past. If numbers 88.1, 87.9, 88.3 look familiar, you probably know what problem with clarity of sound I had. I did my research on the internet and found few adapters that connect iPhone directly to the car stereo and offer clear sound.

    But what stroke me is the lack of installation instructions. “Plug the cable to the back of your factory stereo” might sound simple, but in reality my Lexus RX panel looks rock solid. Finally I found video turotial from GTA Car Kits and after watching youtube video I decided that it is doable project and bought the kit. Kit came 4 days after ordering.

    It turned out to be an interesting project as with video on hand I felt myself an expert. You should see the face of my girlfriend once I was done as she thought that this job should be done by mechanic at Lexus dealership ;).

    Took me 1 hour to complete my little project and I managed to avoid any scratches on my panel (it was my biggest concern).

    The sound quality from my iPhone 3GS was amazing. I really like the ability to switch playlists as my phone became my virtual CD changer. And I don’t need any real CDs in my car anymore. The only lacking feature is the actual name of the playlist. It shows only “Playlist X”.

    But other than that the kit is perfect and I think I got really good deal for the price of 1.5 tank of gas.


    - Andrew from Ohio, USA
  • Hi ,received item yesterday, great delivery time.

    It’s one thing reading about what your device can do ,but after installing it I am thrilled to bits with it.

    After getting the run around with Honda Australia & trying different FM transmitters which were garbage, I can’t believe I now have something that works & works fantastic.

    My only regret is you do not have a kit for my other car (local Ford)

    I will be spreading the news ,thanks again.

    Michael P., Australia

    - Michael P.
  • “I was tired of the lousy quality that I got when I played my iphone in the car via an FM transmitter. It was always a challenge to find a station that did not have interference, and often that too was short lived and frustrating.

    We were planning a road trip with the kids for our spring break, which involved driving 10 hours each way. The FM transmitter solution was a no-go for the trip. I searched for an alternative, and came upon the GTA kit while I was googling for instructions on youtube. The installation video seemed simple enough, so I ordered the kit. I was pretty pressed for time – we were heading out on friday, and I put in the order on monday.

    Shipping was super efficient, I got the kit on wednesday itself. Installation was a breeze – the video was quite descriptive in what you need to do. There are some areas where you can screw up – breaking the plastic trim when taking it off, or chipping something when drilling a hole for the cable. Not hard to get right, but if you are not used to removing and replacing the trim, you might not be used to the right amount of force needed to get the clips out.

    Overall, I think it took me 20 mins to put the kit in, and then another 20 to redo it after I discovered an extra screw I had not put back the first time.

    The kit functions beautifully. I installed both the iphone adapter and the headphone jack. On our long drive, I could charge my phone while my wife played the Harry Potter audio books from hers.

    The ability to control the ipod from the van’s audio controls is really great. I can put the phone in the compartment, and close it – very clean and uncluttered in the car (leaving room for all the *other* things to clutter).

    There really is no excuse to not install this in your vehicle if you enjoy music, and even more if you have an iphone/ipod.”

    - Venky R. from Illinois, USA
  • “I installed the car kit today. Everything works great.

    The installation of the car kit was simple. The video tutorial made it even easier and was a very valuable tool to my successful install. For the stock deck, there’s a compartment for an expansion. I placed the box there, so it literally took up no space inside. The cables were long enough to reach most areas. I decided to place my cable under the ashtray and cup holder. The cable comes up from the hand-break and into the storage box. This way both the iPod and the cables are hidden.

    The quality of the sound is excellent! The sound of the car kit pumps out more power than the stock AUX port. The bass seems to sound better as well. The unit was tested with both AUX and iPod plugged in at the same time with no problems. The best of all, are the steering wheel controls. Instead of manually changing songs on the iPod, using the steering wheel controls allows me to shuffle songs without taking the eyes off the road. However, it would be much better if the iPod can be paused and play using the dash controls. The iPod also charges and stops/pauses the song when you’re not using it.

    Overall, I am very satisfied with the product. The installation took less than an hour, and the convenience and quality are fabulous.”

    - Hillgan Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
  • “Hi, I ordered kit for my 2005 Honda Odyssey EX and it arrived very quickly. The installation was simple, I just followed your video, however the panel clips were much tighter than you show.
    iPod connection works great – both iPhone 4 and iPod classic are charging through the cable and I can easily navigate between the songs.
    I like “last position memory” feature. I used to have another kit in the past that did not have such feature and I always hated when my iPod kept playing after I turned off the radio.


    - Rob from Toronto
  • “What a great web shopping experience! I bought my kit and quickly received my tracking number. I received it in less than one week and, helped by the YouTube video, I was ready to go after 30 mins! GTA team even took some times to do a quick follow up to see if everything went well… I’m an intensive web shopper and I don’t see that attention very often!

    What you see is what you get. Really, I have nothing else to say, it is way to easy!! I’m now controlling my iphone from my Toyota Sienna steering wheel without all these awkward gizmos and it is exactly what I always wanted. The only thing I see as a future enhancement will be to display, if it is doable, the playlist’s name so we won’t need to remember their order!”

    - Eric B. from Montreal, Canada