Wireless CarPlay and AndroidAuto Integration for Infinity Q50 Q60 QX50 2015-2019

Our Apple CarPlay/AndroidAuto integration kit will give you the ability to add-on functions for Apple CarPlay and Android Auto to your Infinity’s existing entertainment system. To control and switch the apps within Carplay, it is integrated with your vehicle’s knob controls and original touchscreen. Or you can control it with your voice thanks to Siri/Google Assistant. You will not lose any functions from your original system, the integration kit will work as an added function. The kit will come with the required module and all the necessary wires to complete installation in our vehicle.

$549.99 USD

Please note:

Vehicles without original Infinity Navigation are now supported!

In vehicles without original Navigation, control of CarPlay and Android Auto is done with the original touchscreen only. You will not be able to control Corplay/Android Auto with the round knob which is located in the center console.